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Cute Ways Other than Texting to Keep in Touch with Your BAE ...

By Sici

In this modern world of dating, a large percentage of the communication that you enjoy with your significant other is via text message. We can’t always be in the same place as our BAE at the same time, so that means that smartphones play a huge part in your flirting and your talking. However, texting doesn’t have to be the be all and end all of how you speak to your partner when they aren’t around. Try something different. Here are some cute ways other than texting to keep in touch with your BAE.

1 Write Letters

In this day and age, people have forgotten how good it feels to receive a handwritten letter. When the only mail you seem to get is bank statements and promotional junk, it can be really cute to look down and see a lovingly crafted letter in the hand of your BAE. It will take you back to a time of more classical romance!

2 Thought List

Make a list of all of the things that remind you of BAE during the time that you are apart, and then you can have fun sharing or sending it to them to help them see just how much you mean to them and how much you think about them every single day.

3 Make Lunch

If you are leaving the house early and won’t have the chance to speak to him before you start your day, then why not prepare him a lunch and leave it on the counter with a little love note. He will know that you thought of him first thing, and not only does he have that assurance, but he also gets a tasty lunch out of it!

4 Office Gift

Have something sent to their office so that it gets delivered to them in front of all their colleagues. It’s a fun and romantic gesture that can mean so much more than just sending a quick text when you are out on your break. And hopefully, he’ll get the message and return the favour!

5 One Picture Text

Make the effort to set a ground rule that states you can only send each other one picture message each during working hours. By doing this, you have to choose your text wisely, and it also means that not having the freedom to communicate 24/7 builds up the anticipation for the next time you can actually see each other!

6 Lunch Call

It’s always nicer to hear a real voice than read words on a screen, so make the effort to call your BAE during your lunch break and have a quick ten or fifteen minute chat instead of just sending an endless stream of messages. Talking instead of typing is a much more intimate and rewarding way to communicate with your partner, so you should do it as often as you can.

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