13 Cheap Ways to Treat Your Valentine but Still Show Your Love ...

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, all thoughts have suddenly turned to February 14th and what you are going to do to make sure that your special day with your boo is the best ever. Of course, in an ideal world, we would all love to whisk our partner away for a luxury break filled with gifts and fine dining, but a little thing called money often has something to say about those dream plans! Don’t worry though, you can have just as much fine on a budget. Here are thirteen cheap ways to treat your Valentine!

1. Breakfast in Bed

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The ingredients can be as inexpensive as you want them to be, the main point of bed in breakfast is that it shows a lot of care and affection on your part! It feels super luxurious to be woken up by the delicious smell of a hot breakfast that you can eat without having to get out of the warm!

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