15 Gestures That Will Make Him Feel Loved ...


15 Gestures That Will Make Him Feel Loved ...
15 Gestures That Will Make Him Feel Loved ...

When it comes to romance, there is often a bunch of advice centered around what men need to do in order to woo women and keep them happy, but what about the other way around? There is sometimes a risk in relationships of girlfriends expecting all the attention and not thinking as much as they should about returning that same attention! Here are fifteen gestures that will make him feel loved.

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The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! Make his favourite dishes as a surprise one evening and he will feel all the love.


Self Care

Your man will love you the most when he can sense that you truly love yourself, so you need remember to work on your self care alongside doing all of these other things for him too.


Save up

Be more savvy about the way that you spend your money. If he can see that you are saving for the future rather than spending all of your monthly wage, he will feel special that you are planning ahead.



Don’t disrespect him by talking down to him either in public or in private; he deserves to be your equal in every sense.



Don’t forget to shower him with kisses as often as possible! Kissing can be something that gets forgotten in long term relationships, but it is the easiest physical way for a person to express and feel love.



Make the effort to pay attention to his hobbies, maybe even going so far as to pick up one of them. He will feel great that you love him enough to be interested.


Man Time

He will feel loved when you show him enough trust and respect to allow him to have his ‘man time’ with his friends without interruption.



Make sure to express your gratitude when he completes the tasks that you ask him to do around the house; don’t make him feel like he is doing it for nothing.


More Sex

Guys are simple creatures. Shower them with sex and they will feel as satisfied and loved up as possible on a regular basis, not to mention you will feel better too!



If you are so inclined, you could try writing him a classic love letter expressing all of your true feelings. This can be a great idea if you are the kind of couple who don’t like to be too mushy face to face!


Plan a Day

Show him how much you love him by planning a day out that involves all of his favourite things. It will show that you really listen and really understand what makes him happy.


Honour Roles

Make sure to honour his roles in your relationship or the roles that he likes to think he has anyway! If he likes the idea of being the breadwinner, then indulge him and allow him to think that he is supporting you even if your own job is just as financially positive!



Remember to throw a few compliments his way on a regular basis. Guys like to be told they look good just as much as girls!


Public Compliments

And then make sure that some of these compliments are in a public space in front of family and friends. Every guy likes to have his ego stroked every now and then!



He will feel loved if you ask him for advice from time to time. Guys like to feel as though they can give helpful and meaningful insights to their partners.

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