Date Ideas for Every Astrological Sign ...


Date Ideas for Every Astrological Sign ...
Date Ideas for Every Astrological Sign ...

Planning a date can be daunting! Whether it’s the first date, an anniversary date, or one in between, you want to make sure that you set up a date that will wow your special someone. Here’s how you can do just that with a little help from the stars.

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Since this is my sign, I could go on for ages about date ideas for aquarius signs! But instead, I'll tell you what the most ideal date would be. Aquarius march to the beat of their own drummer, love to explore their thoughts as well as hear the opinions of others, and set trends (hence the "hipster vibe" so common among Aquarius). That's why a perfect date for an aquarius is a trip to a museum. In a museum, you can really get to know the way someone's brain works, which us aquarius love to do!



Unlike aquarius who yearn to understand the world and people around them, pieces live in their own universe. They're often intrigued by mystical and spiritual ideas, which is what makes them so fun and interesting to date! In order to woo a pieces, it's best to take them somewhere magical that will bring their fantasies to life. Be totally creative with this and try to find an experience or place that they never thought possible before.



Aries, god of war… well, just from that you know things are bound to be exciting! Aries tend to love thrills and adventures. So for a fun date with an aries? An amusement park! You’ll take cute photos, eat tasty (overpriced) food, and get to know each other while you’re waiting in line for rides. But be prepared to have your date choose all the rides, since aries are natural-born leaders.



Taurus tend to be great socializers, but at the same time can be very reclusive. In other words, they like to be surrounded by people, but don’t feel comfortable opening up right away and bearing their heart on their sleeves. That’s why a great first date idea with a taurus would be a double date or small social gathering. You can get to know them without them feeling uncomfortable because they’ve been put on the spot.



The most important thing to keep in mind when dating a gemini is the talking. Gemini are notorious talkers, so a movie theater is probably not the best place to take them. Instead, go out for coffee or drinks. They will love the relaxed environment in which they can talk incessantly to you, and you'll enjoy hearing their intriguing opinions and interests.



Cancers resemble the animal that represents them, the crab, in that they will come out of their shell when they need to defend themselves, but otherwise need to be carefully coaxed out in order to reveal their true feelings. Also, they need to be needed and receive one-on-one attention. To date them, you should start off in a safe environment and avoid probing too deep. A fun date idea could be cooking or baking at home together. It will be a team effort, so they will feel like you need them, and you can chit-chat, have deep conversations, or simply be together while you create a delicious dish!



I think of leo as a combination of aquarius and aires, because leo is both trend-setter and natural born leader. So what do you do with this hipster/ future president on a date? Take them to do something that they love and are skilled at. Leo's love their pride, and hurting it might ruin the relationship right there. Whether their skill is bowling a perfect score or owning every property in monopoly, design your date around that so that you create a safe space to get to know them without ruining their ego.



Virgos love to fix, help, and improve everything they see. So... you probably shouldn't bring one over to your messy apartment right away! Instead, go on a date that will require doing some good in the world. Volunteer together in a soup kitchen, serve at Habitat for Humanity, or something along those lines. You can get to know each other while making a positive impact on the world!



Libras are very intelligent, but you might not notice it at first due to their easygoing and generally humble demeanor. They're easy to get along with because they're so calm and diplomatic, which makes your job of deciding on a date idea much easier! They will be okay with pretty much anything. A nice dinner is a safe bet, as they love being spoiled in little ways— like with fine dining.



Scorpios are really intense and emotional, which can be a lot to deal with on a first date. So, maybe you should avoid situations that require a whole lot of dialogue in the beginning. Instead, go out to see a thought-provoking movie. Afterwards, they will love to share their opinion of the movie, and I can promise you their thoughts will be even better than the movie!



You were probably drawn to this person because of their positive, vibrant personality. They can always see the silver lining in the clouds and will certainly lift your spirits whenever you're together! A perfect date with them would be a picnic at the park or day at the beach. You will both enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and their bright personality will make it even better!



Capricorns are all about control. They aren't as reckless or adventurous as many of the other signs, so you should take that into account. Most traditional dates will work—dinner, a movie, coffee, etc. Just make sure it's not anything too unexpected and that they know all of the details beforehand. They'll want to be as much of a part of the planning as you will, so keep that in mind during the time leading up to the date.

There you have it! Date ideas that will please each of the astrological signs. No one knows how accurate signs really are, but in the pursuit of romance, you’ll take every advantage you can get, right? What other dates would you add to this list?

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True for me! My sun sign is aries and moon sign is pisces. Both fit my ideas for a nice date!

I'm a Sagittarius and that's exactly how I want one of my dates to be!!


Yes it's so true I'm a Leo

Umm I am a Capricorn and I am super adventurous and I loveeeeee surprises. Either I'm weird that's a little off.

Pisces and Aries are the correct spelling.

I'm an Aquarius too. This is so me. Thanks!

I was looking go Pisces I found pieces

Capricorn pretty accurate if I do say so

Cancer aw so cute

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