This is How People Kiss 💋 According to Their Zodiac Sign ✨🌙 ...

Can your zodiac sign give you clues about what sort of kisser you are, or who your best smooching-match might be? Whether you believe in the power of your star sign or not, let's have a little fun and take a look at what the zodiac says, shall we?

1. Aries ♈

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Your kissing keyword is spontaneity, which means you kiss first, and ask questions later. Chances are, this is one of your partner's favorite things about you, so keep on smooching!

2. Taurus ♉

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We Tauruses (Tauri?) are fiercely loyal and very sensual, so we like to take our time with our kissing, and we tend to kiss the same person for a long, long time, too.

3. Gemini ♊

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There's a lot going on in the Gemini's world, with so much to see, and do! So your kisses will probably be quick, sweet, like you!

4. Cancer ♋

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You wear your heart on your sleeve, sweetie, and that means your kisses can tell your partner exactly what's on your mind. That's not a bad thing, right?

5. Leo ♌

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You're all about the passion and the spotlight, so your kisses are full of spice and drama and more.

6. Virgo ♍

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It's hard for a Virgo to just forget about thinking or analyzing and just go with it, but try it, and you'll end up just loving the sensation of smooching, for sure.

7. Libra ♎

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Libras are romantics, so kissing a Libra is going to be a sensual, sexy, and sweet experience, sometimes all three at once.

8. Scorpio ♏

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All of a Scorpio's kisses are intense... just like everything else. Seriously, girl, be careful with those kisses, or you might just knock someone's socks off, literally!

9. Sagittarius ♐

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Adventure is out there, and you'll find it if you're a true Sagittarius. This includes kissing, which is where you like to experiment and play.

10. Capricorn ♑

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You love making your sweetheart feel loved and special and secure, and you use the "kissing" part of your took-kit seriously.

11. Aquarius ♒

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You're laid-back,you're chill, you're easy-going... and so are your kisses! It may take a while for your passion to ignite with simple smooching, but stick with it, and you'll be so glad you did.

12. Pisces ♓

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Pisces love to kiss, and that includes you, so you kiss a lot, and deeply, and often. So what are you waiting for? Smooch someone, quick!

Does your smooching style match your star sign? Or is this all just too silly?

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