Your Zodiac Sign's Ideal Place to Meet a Potential Date ...


Your Zodiac Sign's Ideal Place to Meet a Potential Date ...
Your Zodiac Sign's Ideal Place to Meet a Potential Date ...

In this age of online dating sites and apps, you might be forgiven for being a little bit rusty when it comes to breaking away from swiping and actually meeting somebody face to face in an organic way! Believe it or not, people can still meet as strangers without already knowing everything about each other online, but you definitely need to know where to go to achieve the best success rate! As it would happen, astrology can actually play a part in this game. Here is the ideal place to meet a potential date according to your zodiac sign!

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You need someone who can match your adventurous spirit, so anywhere along the lines of a hiking trail, mountain walk or thrill-seeking nature reserve will do!



You are looking for sensitivity and stability in a partner, so somewhere nice and serene like a nature reserve, a quiet garden or beautiful park is a good bet.



You are all about energetic fun and frolic, so places like casinos, clubs and even cool arcades are good locations for a potential Gemini partner.



You are very traditional at heart, so you feel most comfortable heading to a bar with friends and seeing if you can attract someone the old fashioned way!



Wildlife is very important to you, so it makes sense that your perfect partner may very well be found at a safari park, zoo, animal sanctuary, even a vet's office!



You need someone who is going to accept that competitive edge that you have, so meeting someone at a sports game or even in a sports bar might make for a perfect match.



You can’t do anything but live life to the fullest, so the kind of person you are after will probably be found at any kind of daredevil thrill-seeking excursion like a bungee jump or a skydive!



You have lots of hobbies and are very passionate about them, so you might fair well attending fan meetups and clubs dedicated to those passions to find someone of a similar mind!



You are another sign that loves excitement and energy, and music festivals are always good places to meet people who have similar tastes and energy levels as you!



You need to be stimulated as much mentality as you do physically, and the best place to find a smarty pants is the museum, obviously!



You are a natural born troublemaker who needs someone of the same ilk to aid you in your misdeeds, so hitting the club at an ungodly hour is always going to introduce you to fellow troublemakers!



You are the most sensitive of the signs, so your method of meeting someone nice and gentle is through things like quiet coffee shops, second hand books stores, quaint lakeside walking paths, etc.

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