9 Date Ideas for Lazy Couples ...


Dates don't always have to be some sort of big event where you both get dressed up and spend hundreds of dollars. If you want, you can go on a date inside of your very own home. If you and your boyfriend are lazy, don't torture yourselves by forcing yourselves to visit fancy restaurants. Here are some date ideas that don't involve moving around all that much, so you can save your energy on kissing:

1. TV with a Theme

You can forget about movie marathons when there are so many great shows to watch on Netflix. Find one that you and your boyfriend are interested in and spend the day binge watching it. You can even dress up like the characters and make an event out of it. If you're watching The Walking Dead, put on a sheriff's hat and eat some southern food. If you're watching How I Met Your Mother, put on your red cowboy boots and eat some pineapples.

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I love them all thanks πŸ’•
Number 9- stargazing!! Simple and beautiful xx
Amy Morford
#7 seems like a really great way to freak a dude out.
Window shopping looking at furniture and browsing things for the future
Snarky Girl
Beer festival.
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