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Dating Games You Should Stop Playing in Your 20s ...

By Holly

There's no reason to play dating games when they only bring you stress and unhappiness. That's why it's time to put an end to it all. Listen to Elite Daily and stop playing these ridiculous mind games:

Table of contents:

  1. Making up excuses instead of saying you’re just not that into him
  2. Pretending you’re in the best relationship when you’re not
  3. Acting like you’re cool with his games when you’re really not
  4. Waiting to text him first
  5. Holding out sex for no reason
  6. Reading way too much into his texts
  7. Liking your ex’s instagram pic from 14 weeks ago
  8. Sending texts that are written by friends
  9. Trying to make your ex jealous

1 Making up Excuses Instead of Saying You’re Just Not That into Him

The truth will set you free. Men will be thankful for it.

2 Pretending You’re in the Best Relationship when You’re Not

If you're unhappy, admit it. Then break up with your man.

3 Acting like You’re Cool with His Games when You’re Really Not

No one wants to feel like they're five. Mind games can have that effect on you.

4 Waiting to Text Him First

If you want to talk, send him a message. Take initiative, girl.

5 Holding out Sex for No Reason

If you want to sleep with him, then do it. Don't force yourself to hold back.

6 Reading Way Too Much into His Texts

He might not have meant anything by his "hey" text other than hey. Stop trying to decipher the word.

7 Liking Your Ex’s Instagram Pic from 14 Weeks Ago

Your ex is an ex for a reason. Put him in your past and stop cyberstalking him.

8 Sending Texts That Are Written by Friends

Your friends shouldn't be writing your homework or your text messages. Those conversations should be private.

9 Trying to Make Your Ex Jealous

No good can come from this. When you're happy with your life, he'll finally be jealous, anyway.

Do you still do any of these things?

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