Stop These Things Are Killing the Romance in Your Relationship ...

By Neecey

As a relationship progresses it’s easy to get comfortable – too comfortable. You expect things simply because they’ve become a habit. You stop doing little things for each other – things that meant more at the beginning of your relationship. So the romance may already now be a flicker. Sure you still love each other but love needs romance. There are things to do that will set the romantic flame burning again and there are things you should definitely stop doing:

1 Popping Each Other’s Pimples

screenshot, interaction, romance, Don't, worry, Number one on the list of things that kill romance is when couple’s pop each other’s zits! Sure, some women have a kind of weird fascination and satisfaction for popping their partner’s pimples, but it’s hardly a prelude to a night of passion is it? No matter how much you want to deal with that pesky zit yourself, instead just tell him about and let him pop it himself. Keep your hands for more amorous activities!

2 Leaving the Bathroom Door Open

blond, muscle, screenshot, There's, something, Sure, we’ve all got to that stage in a relationship where you or your partner feels comfortable keeping the bathroom door open when they are doing their business, but can we all agree that some things should be left to do in private!? The sounds and smells of a trip to the bathroom really are not something you need to share with your loved one, especially if you want to get lucky later on!

3 Eating off Each Other’s Plates

, Just because you ordered a healthy salad instead of the steak that you really wanted, that doesn’t mean you have the right to lean over a grab a handful of your boyfriend’s fries! He might not show it at the time, but we’ve all seen Joey in Friends and we know that most people hate it when people take food from their plates. Stick to your own food to avoid a grudge being held! “Joey does not share food!”

4 Finishing Each Other’s Sentences

performance, performing arts, performance art, stage, entertainment, Even if you know exactly what the other is going to say, restrain yourself from finishing the sentence off for them. It might be cute and funny the first couple of times, but eventually you will start to look and sound like twins rather than lovers, and unless you live in the Game of Thrones universe, there is nothing to kill a romance like the thought of a sibling!

5 Picking out Each Other’s Clothes

Which, way's, the, front?, There is nothing wrong with getting an opinion from your partner when out clothes shopping or getting ready for a night out, but try not to start completely taking control. Picking each other’s clothes can take a little of the mystery out of going out together, and there is a danger that one of you might start to treat the activity as more of an adult dress up party than a real relationship! And in the same vein – don’t wear matching outfits. Eek!

6 Making a Joint Facebook Profile

screenshot, audience, singing, HEin, ncomese, Eww! No! Believe me when I say that most of your Facebook friends will think it is incredibly weird that you have made a “John and Jane Smith’ profile to share all of your relationship milestones and pictures. Even though it’s online, there is still the danger of being too close and losing some spark. Keep your own profiles and keep a little mystery between you and the romance will burn bright!

7 Sharing Secrets Inappropriately

hair, face, person, nose, brown hair, Your partner probably assumes you discuss him and your relationship with your friends and/or your sister but don’t tell him what you talk about. Imagine how he feels in their presence knowing you have shared intimate or icky details about him.

It’s more fun to do things that spark the romance than things that kill it. Are you now examining your relationship to think if you do any of these things?

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