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Dating Now VS. the '90s ...

By Vanessa

Remember when you actually had to go out in order to meet someone? Well, thanks to Tinder, OkCupid, and other similar apps, you can now meet your new beau from the comfort of your own bed. Getting to know somebody one-on-one is a thing of the past because now, to judge your compatibility, all you have to do is read their "About Me." I miss the times where phones were used for calling, not social media stalking! But I mean, hey, if that works for you, more power to you!

In this hilarious BuzzFeed video, different dating scenarios from today and the '90s are depicted. Towards the end of the video, the two still can't decide which era made dating easier: the '90s, where you were 'present' on dates and not distracted by technology, or today, where you can nitpick everything you love/hate about someone before even meeting them. Watch this and decide for yourself!

So, which would you prefer? Today's dating scene or the '90s?

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