5 Ways over Confidence Can Kill a New Relationship ...


5 Ways over Confidence Can Kill a New Relationship ...
5 Ways over Confidence Can Kill a New Relationship ...

Everybody loves being confident, and most girls have different ways of making themselves feel confident. Here are 5 easy dating tips for confident girls to help make sure you don’t overdose a date with confidence.

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If You Are into Someone You Are Going out on a Date with, You Want to Be Able to Get to Know Them Better

facial hair, You want to know him better, but at the same time you wan to make sure he gets to know you. DO NOT, I repeat, do not try to “one up” you’re date in any way to make yourself better….(I know from experience trust me). Guys can easily find that off putting, so take each part of the conversation step by step and hope for the best. This is one of the dating tips for confident girls that you simply must keep in mind.


You've Got to Keep the Conversation Bouncing Back and Forth

conversation, communication, girl, human behavior, photo caption, Yes, there are times when a conversation can get boring going back and forth, but never make it 100% about yourself with certain exceptions of course. Give him room to talk too.


Never Cut off Your Date While They’re Talking

song, photo caption, public relations, event, Interrupting tells your date that you aren’t paying attention, that you don’t really care about what he is saying, and that what you have to say is more important than what he is saying. This will most likely lead your date to think you are conceited, which is never a good thing.


When Talking about Yourself, Try Not to Use a Certain Tone of Voice

film, girl, computer wallpaper, scene, darkness, Don’t talk in a tone that comes off as thinking you are better at something. If there is a common hobby you share or topic you enjoy, share your experiences without competition between the two of you. Tone is everything when showing interest in one another.


Attitude is Everything

photo caption, girl, conversation, friendship, drink, This isn’t really a what not to do but a simple reminder that attitude plays a very big part in what will he thinks of you when the night is over.

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