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Defining Love One Letter at a Time Part 3 of 4 ...

By Kailey

Let's get back to defining love letter by letter. We're working on the letter "V" today. Validation is the fuel that feeds our heart. As much as we try to deny it, we all know that no matter how confident we feel with ourselves, every once in a while we need that validation.

Affirmation can come in any form for any occasion. Whether we are feeling the need for recognition for our outstanding performance at work, or acceptance among our peers, there are moments in our life where women need that validation.

This same sensation occurs when we are finding or encountering love. Therefore, it is important that we look for someone who is going to fulfill that validation. Now let me clarify. Just because we appreciate the warm sensation we attain when someone validates our feelings, it doesn’t mean that we need to become that clingy person. We should look at validation as a manifestation of our love for the other person. We want them to know that they are loved. They should never have a doubt that they are loved and appreciated. In return, we should find someone who is willing to give us this same piece of assurance in return. That's what defining love letter by letter is all about.

In a relationship, neither party should become so busy or overwhelmed with their own life that they forget to acknowledge the love between the two. It is also very vital to remember that, in return, you should share that same message. If neither party can find it in themselves to validate their feelings for one another, they should consider the deeper problem within their relationship.

Value is another crucial component of love. Along with validation, we all love to feel valued. Why dedicate ourselves to someone who isn’t willing to appreciate the person that we are? They should love who we are as a person, not what we look like. “I’ll change my colors for no one”, is a motto that we should all take to heart. If someone can’t love us for the person we are, we should avoid giving our heart to that person. When we are looking for love, when we are truly ready, we want them to fall for our heart and soul. Not our body and our face. In return, we want to make sure that we are considering this same quality. Value your future love with every inch of your being and never settle for someone who doesn’t know your worth.

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