14 Reasons Valentine's Day Was Meant for Your Girlfriends ...


14 Reasons Valentine's Day Was Meant for Your Girlfriends ...
14 Reasons Valentine's Day Was Meant for Your Girlfriends ...

Here's why you should spend Valentine's Day with your girlfriends. Valentine's Day is just a few weeks away, and with these tips, the only thing you'll need is your best friends by your side. As National Single’s day is celebrated on the same day as Valentine’s Day, embracing the love and care you share with your friends is a guaranteed way to enjoy the holiday. Your friends, the ones who adore your accomplishments and reassure you on your good hair days, are who you should be celebrating the day of love with! Grab a pizza, grab your friends, and appreciate your gal pals-they love you! Here's why you should spend Valentine's Day with your girlfriends.

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No One Would Rather Binge Watch Friends and Eat Pizza with You, While Wearing a Blackhead Mask, than Your Friends

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From Your Supermodel Best to Your Days when You Resemble a Raccoon - You’ve Impressed Them Enough to Stay around

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You Don’t Have to Act Shy

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You Know You’re Getting a Gift from Them, Whether It’s a Roll of Paper Towels or Half a Sandwich, They’re Gift-giving Experts

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They Know Exactly What You Want from the “boy You’ve Never Talked to but Have Your Whole Wedding Planned”. You Want Zebra Cakes and a Confession of His Love for You? Your Friend Will Provide at Least Half of That

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You Can Wear ANYTHING You Want around and Feel Comfortable about It. Pantsuit, Pantless, or Birthday Suit- They Know That You Look Good in Anything

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You Can Continue “No Shave November” into “Fur Baby February”. the Competition Begins!

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The Time You’d Spend Getting a Reservation, Getting Ready to Be Told You Look “good”, and Contemplating a Break-up, Can Be Spent Watching a Marathon of Harry Potter

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You Won't Be Judged for Your Lack of Personal Hygiene. Don't Want to Brush Your Hair? or Remove the Toothpaste Crust from Your Lips? Valentine’s Day with Girlfriends Excludes Any Social Norms of Being “pretty”. Let Your Unplucked Brow Flow, Baby!

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Hate That Your Ex (who You’re “totally over”) Likes Your Sister’s Pics on Insta? YOU.CAN.SCREAM.THAT

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(No Pressure=No Zits) + (No Zits= Confidence Boost) = Friends Are Your Best Self-confidence

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You Can Literally Act like Your Favorite Animal. No Questions Asked



They’ll Love You No Matter How Many Times You’ve Sworn off Guys, Sworn You're on a Diet and Swear You’ll Stop Eating Pizza. Girlfriends Are Your Best Valentine’s Day Gift!

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