How to Kiss Your Lover like You Really Mean It ...


How to Kiss Your Lover like You Really Mean It ...
How to Kiss Your Lover like You Really Mean It ...

Time to spice things up? Wondering how to kiss like you really mean it? Annoyed your significant other has become a gaming addict and not paying enough attention to you? Want to give your lover a major confidence boost before they speak at that board meeting later in the morning? Did your man just come back after being deployed for a year? This kissing tutorial will leave you both hot under the collar. This plays around with their left side a lot. If your hottie prefers you to work his or her right side mostly then just switch sides. Various pronouns in this article are used to show giver and receiver can be either sex. So, here's how to kiss like you really mean it.

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Watch Your Speed

You want to do all of this with moderate to fast motion. You both decide the speed, but a pretty fast pace will really do the trick. The right speed is definitely one of the most important answers for how to kiss like you really mean it.


Don't Let Your Hair Damper the Occasion

If they have long hair move it to the side.


Work What You've Got

Use your lips and the tip of your tongue on the back of his or her neck and at the bottom of the neck. Work your way up to the hairline. Now, move along their left clavicle. Then from the left clavicle keep your lips on your lover’s skin and slide up along the left side of his neck. Nibble his left ear. Now, go back and give a kiss on his left shoulder where the neck and clavicle meet.


Work It All over Girl!

Work the area along with the left side of the neck and left earlobe. Give a tiny, little bite on the neck. Back to gentle kisses on the left clavicle and upper left shoulder blade. Run your tongue along the upper left shoulder blade up to the left clavicle. Kiss the left side of your lover’s neck, then tongue it. Inhale his ear for a moment.


Intensify Things a Little

Now, grab their arms and make the kisses stronger working the left side of his or her neck. Kiss your sweetheart’s left shoulder and left clavicle area with your tongue. Slide your lips along the left side of your lover’s face. Nibble on the left ear. Kiss his neck along the left side of his hairline. Give a light bite on his left shoulder. Kiss the left side of his neck again, sliding your lips and tongue up and basically go at it on his left ear.

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Use the Body to Your Advantage

Place one arm in front of his body. Kiss hard all over their left side in a hard, little bit of sucking the skin motion. Move your hands onto your lover’s shoulders and keep kissing. Move your left hand back to your partner’s front. Now, work their right side with your left hand lightly gripping their hair. Play with his hair. Push his head forward and kiss (with tongue) the nape of their neck up and down the center, and back to that left clavicle not letting their hair go. Go up kissing along the way, and lightly bite his left ear.


Go for Passion

Now, turn and kiss him on the lips passionately multiple times. Kiss him along the left side of his face, then kiss him on the lips again. Now, lick the left side of his neck up and down. Gently scratch under his neck for a split second. Pull their hair up if it’s long again, and kiss them all over. Give their tongue a few licks of your tongue and then kiss them.


Seal the Deal

Repeat as much as you want. Repeat and cater to the right side if you want.

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