41 Killer Date Ideas for Valentine's Day ...


41 Killer Date Ideas for Valentine's Day ...
41 Killer Date Ideas for Valentine's Day ...

Need some killer date ideas for the best Valentine's Day ever? Look no further. Here are 41 awesome dates that anyone can do with their loved one! I can hardly believe it, but Valentine’s Day is already less than a month away! Stores are already stocked with heart-shaped candy and sickeningly sweet cards. If you need to start planning your Valentine’s Day here are the most killer date ideas for the best Valentine's Day ever.

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Remember Your Favorite Memories Together

Sit down with a container of some sort (maybe a mason jar), bring up your favorite memories of times that the two of you have spent together, and write them down. Not only is it a great stroll down memory lane, but you’ll have something to add on to and look at later on once Valentine’s Day is over! This is one of my favorite killer date ideas for the best Valentine's Day ever.


Watch the Sunrise

Begin the day early and wake up your significant other to watch the sunrise together. Snuggle on your porch with a blanket and your love and see the beautiful colors as the sun rises.


Have an Indoor Picnic

If it’s too cold to do something outside, bring an outside activity inside! Lay a blanket down on the floor and enjoy some champagne and finger sandwiches.


Go on a Bike Ride

If it’s a nice day, pull out your bicycles and helmets and explore a local bike trail, or even just your neighborhood!


Go to Trivia Night

Embrace your competitive sides and find a local trivia night. They’re usually held at bars, so get a few favorite appetizers and drinks, and enjoy trying to win the competition!

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Go Stargazing

Pack up lots of blankets and pillows, and find a field in the middle of nowhere where you can lay side by side and gaze up at the night sky. Cuddling, hand holding, and alcohol is encouraged.


Do an Escape Room Together

Escape rooms are sweeping the nation, and they surprisingly work perfectly as a Valentine’s Day date! You have to rely on each other, communicate, trust, and figure out how to escape together.


By working together to solve puzzles and conquer challenges, you both get to experience each other's problem-solving skills and creativity under pressure. It's a fantastic way to bond and see a different side of your partner. Plus, the thrill of beating the clock can be incredibly exhilarating. Afterward, you'll have plenty to talk about over dinner, reminiscing about the funniest and most intense moments. It's a unique date that ensures a memorable experience full of laughs and teamwork.


Chopped Date Night

Are the two of you fans of the Food Network? Bring one of it’s most popular shows to life and have your own friendly Chopped competition. Pack two baskets of ingredients (make sure you have at least one weird ingredient in there!) and see who can create the tastiest and most creative dish.


Make Breakfast Together and Have It in Bed

For me, no matter how old I get, eating in bed is always a treat, even now that I live on my own! For Valentine’s Day, you and your love can make breakfast together, and then enjoy the fruits of your labor in bed together!


Play Sexy Simon Says

Bring a favorite game from your childhood into a more… “adult” setting. What kind of things does Simon say in this version? Well, ultimately, that’s up to you, but here’s a link with more details and ideas!


Recreate Your First Date

Do you remember your first date? Recreate it! Whether it was getting coffee at Starbucks or drinks at a bar, it’ll be so romantic because of the significance and history behind it. Go and sweep your darling off his feet again!


Play Strip Trivia

Like playing trivia at a bar, but when one of you gets a question wrong, you have to remove an article of clothing. For more instructions and question ideas, go to the following link:


Take a Dance Class Together

Find a local studio and put on your dancing shoes! Waltz, swing, salsa, merengue, or cha cha cha the night away in each other’s arms!


Go Lingerie Shopping

Go to the mall together and try on some lingerie before you both decide on your favorite one to bring home and try out.


Go to a Cat Café

Let some of your inner crazy cat lady out and spend some time sipping coffee and snuggling some kitties with your sweetheart!


Sexy Bingo

Try this fun Bingo card to spice and mix up things in the bedroom: thedatingdivas.com


Do Painting with a Twist

Find your creative side and go to a paint night! You are given a painting to copy (with your own artistic liberties) and drink wine. It’s romantic, and a great way to relax, enjoy each other’s company, and have something to show for it! What’s even better is that you can often find awesome deals for these in your area on Groupon!


Have a Sexy Treasure Hunt

Of course, you’re the real treasure, am I right ladies? But intrigue your significant other with a fun and spicy treasure hunt. For more details, follow this link: thetiptoefairy.com


Go Ice Skating

Is there anything quite like gliding on the ice as you grasp your love’s hand in your own? And if you’re bad at it and afraid of falling, just think of it as being swept off your feet again!


Go on a Carriage Ride

Local farms may offer carriage rides, and it’s the perfect time to snuggle up with your significant other and just spend some super romantic time together. If it’s cold, make sure you both bundle up, and bring lots of blankets and hot cocoa!


Have an Ice Cream Tasting

Go to your local supermarket and pick up a bunch of different flavors of ice cream and have some fun taste testing them with your loved one. You can get the same flavor in different brands and try to guess the brands, crazy flavors, some that are dairy free (see if you can really taste the difference in a blind test), whatever you want to do! Who doesn’t love ice cream?


Stay in and Have a Netflix Night

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with binge-watching your favorite TV show with your favorite person, especially if you’re busy and can’t do it a lot. For an extra bonus, make a cozy blanket fort for the cuddles that are bound to happen


Have a Video Game Championship

If you’re a gamer girl, challenge your significant other to a video game championship. Mario Kart, Madden, Donkey Kong…whatever you want. And make sure you win, of course!


Go Rock Climbing

Find a local rock climbing gym, and embrace your adventurous side. It’s an activity that is physically challenging, but so much fun. You can encourage and cheer each other on as you push yourselves to succeed, and I personally think there’s a special romance in that.


Visit a Local Brewery

Find a local brewery, and take a tour or taste the different kinds of brews that they have. If you’re like me and don’t like beer, it’s still a really cool experience to see how it’s made, and just have a little sip to taste all the different flavors.


Go Wine Tasting

Is there anything better than wine? Answer: except for wine AND your loved one, probably not. Find a local winery that does tours and/or tastings and go find a new favorite wine to indulge in! Don’t forget to bring a bottle home for your next romantic date night!


Have a DIY Night

You know all those crafty projects you have saved on your Pinterest board? Make a date out of creating them with your boo! If you can, make it somewhat “you” or “love” themed, or really, whatever you want.


Go Skiing

Hey, it’s February. Chances are its cold outside, so why not do a fun cold weather activity, like skiing? Besides, the ski lift is a prime snuggling location and you can help warm each other up afterward.


Have a DIY Paint Night

Buy a few bottles of wine, some canvases, acrylic paints, and paint brushes at your local craft store or Walmart, and you have a paint night in your very own living room! You can find inspiration for images to recreate all over the internet.


Have a Backyard Dinner Date

Depending on where you live and how the weather is on Valentine’s Day, set up a lowkey dinner at home in your backyard. Decorate your table with flowers and candles, and make a favorite meal. It’s cozy, simple, inexpensive, and gives you the time and ability to engage in other activities you may want to.


Book a Couples’ Massage

Romance and relaxation all in one, and it’s something you and your love will both find beneficial.


Do a Scavenger Hunt

Lots of cities have fun scavenger hunts you can do. Look on Pinterest for some ideas for the city near you, or sometimes there are even apps. Better yet: create a scavenger hunt that is unique to your relationship! Include photos from your time together, important locations, songs, whatever else you can think of!


Write Your Love Story

Get some paper, stickers, markers, colored pencils, pictures, memorabilia from dates, and whatever else you might need to create your love story! It’ll be a fun way to reminisce about your love and relationship while creating something tangible to share.


Have an at-home Spa Night

Get out the face masks, foot baths, and cucumbers and have a night at home full of pampering and relaxation with an at-home spa night! Get some special lotions, face masks, and maybe some manicure tools. If you’re brave, maybe have your significant other paint your nails!


Take a Cooking Class

This is such a great bonding experience. Learning a new recipe or skill together gives you something you can use on future dates!


Have a Picnic in a Park

It’s so simple but so classic and romantic. Pack a basket of wine or champagne, cheese, and crackers and enjoy the fresh air and time together!



Show some love to those less fortunate. Suggest to your significant other that you volunteer your time at an animal shelter, soup kitchen, or other charitable places. You’ll both feel good about yourself, and seeing your loved one being so compassionate will make you happy!


Go Hiking

Weather permitting, find a local trail, lace up your hiking boots, and explore nature together. Sometimes, the most romantic thing is being together in the silence and quiet of nature. Make sure you time it right and watch the sunset, and maybe bring a picnic and a bottle of champagne with you!


Have an at-home Chocolate Tasting

Go to the store and buy lots of different kinds of chocolates for you and your boo to try together. Added bonus: take turns feeding each other.


Go to a Karaoke Bar and Belt Your Lungs out

This is another fun, nontraditional date. Go to the bar, enjoy some delicious drinks and each other’s company, and get up there and sing! Since it’s Valentine’s Day, may I suggest L.O.V.E by Nat King Cole?


Run a 5K

Okay, I guess this only sounds fun if running is your jam. If it is, find a fun, themed 5K to do together, and enjoy 3.1 miles of each other’s company.

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