8 Excuses to Get out of a Date ...


8 Excuses to Get out of a Date ...
8 Excuses to Get out of a Date ...

When you think about it, there are lots of occasions when you may need to know some believable excuses to get out of a date. We have all been in the situation where we agree to go on a date when we are slightly tipsy or accept a friend’s offer of a blind date. But what happens when you have well and truly removed your beer goggles and are faced with the online pictures of an unsightly man/woman? What do you do? Come up with an excuse! Here is a list of 10 excuses to get you out of a date…

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My Car/Bus/Train Broke down

My Car/Bus/Train Broke down Classic excuse. People have been using it since the cave men (though in those days they probably said their wheels weren’t turning). The only problem with this excuse to get out of a date is that it’s so classic that your date may see straight through it or they may offer to pick you up… Thus, use it with caution.


Overdue Library Books

Overdue Library Books Everybody knows how library fines can be expensive, especially for short term university books. The fact you use the library also poses you in an intellectual light. The only con of this excuse is that library book returning takes two minutes on those automatic machines. You may have to say the fines were so steep that the librarian, Mavis, is holding you hostage until you cough up the cash.


I Got My Fingers Stuck Together with Super Glue

I Got My Fingers Stuck Together with Super Glue Come on, we’ve all tried it. We are all curious as to how super it actually is. This one is a very believable excuse to get out of a date; I bet your date has even done it.


Personal Issues

Personal Issues Be as ambiguous as possible and you can almost guarantee your date won’t ask what is wrong. If you can manage it, try and cry. However, be careful to make sure he won't want to come over and comfort you.


I’ve Developed a Suspicious Rash and Have to See the Doctor ASAP

I’ve Developed a Suspicious Rash and Have to See the Doctor ASAP If they ask where or what sort of rash, tell them you are too embarrassed to say. This could suggest many contagious diseases. With this excuse to get out of a date, you can guarantee that there will not offer to take you to the doctor -- or anywhere else.


I’m Going on Jerry Springer/Judge Judy as a Guest

I’m Going on Jerry Springer/Judge Judy as a Guest This suggests your family is rowdy and argumentative. Your date will probably want to cut off any future dates in case things get serious and they end up at a Sunday roast with the rowdies. Then again, they may want to know when your episode will air...


Babysitting My Brother

Babysitting My Brother This is a foolproof and believable excuse to get out a date. Make sure you tell them you would love them to come over and help but your brother is a Power Ranger’s enthusiast and you will spend your evening acting and dressing up as the pink Power Ranger whilst watching Omnibus episodes over and over. You simply wouldn’t want to put your date through that.


I Don’t Want to Meet

I Don’t Want to Meet Honesty is the best policy at the end of the day. It also ensures you will never have to think of another excuse not to go out with him. Just hope your date doesn’t take it personally and cry in the dark for the rest of the week.

Isn’t it funny that, for something as casual as a date, we often resort to elaborate excuses to get out of them? Whether it’s embarrassment, not wanting to upset the other person or simply that you made a mistake in agreeing to go in the first place, it is surely better in the long run to simply tell the truth and potentially save the need for further excuses later on. Good luck if you chose to use any of these excuses to get out of a date. I bet there are thousands more you have either tried or thought about trying. Who has got some amazing and full proof excuses?

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Haha, a lot of these are pretty foolish :P

The only ones I would use are #4 and #8. The rest seem to unrealistic and if I had a date that told me any of those, I probably wouldn't believe them!

haha, I think if my date tried to OBVIOUSLY get out of it, I'd play a prank and try to be as coniving and oblivious of it as possible. Make it last (unless it was serious or honest).. or would that be mean

I just had a dame use that on me tonight...zing, next.

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