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Because trust is a very important part of every relationship and because you can’t connect with someone without having this kind of bond, here are a few very obvious signs you shouldn’t trust your boyfriend that you shouldn’t ignore. People need to earn your trust since you can’t blindly trust everyone. Some individuals are trustworthy and some aren’t, but you just have to pay attention and see if the person you are dating is honest with you and if he is really who he says he is. Here are a few very obvious signs you shouldn’t trust your boyfriend that you should consider:

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He Answers His Phone in Another Room

One of the most obvious signs you shouldn’t trust your boyfriend is precisely the fact that he answers his phone in another room when he’s around you. Even though sometimes he might have personal matters to attend to, this should not happen every time his phone rings. If every time he gets a phone call he leaves the room in order to take it, then this should be a big red flag to you.


He is Always Working at Obscure Hours

I know that there are a lot of people who are working very hard, and that’s why they end up working late every single night. The fact that your boyfriend tells you that he is working late at obscure hours every single time should make you doubt his statement, especially if you know that he is not so dedicated to his job.


His Friends Don’t Know Your Name

This should be a big red flag to you since someone who has nothing to hide will gladly introduce you to all his friends and family, especially if things between you are getting serious. Most of the time, the people you associate with are a reflection of who you are and if his friends don’t know your name, then he probably doesn’t mention you too much when he is with them.


He Takes a While before Responding to Your Texts

Does your boyfriend respond to your texts immediately or does he usually take quite a while before he does that? Someone who cherishes you will always find the time to answer your calls or your texts. If your boyfriend is taking hours to answer them, it may mean that you are simply not one of his priorities.


His Texts to You Seem Generic

One of the most obvious signs that your boyfriend is not trustworthy is the fact that his texts to you always seem generic. The truth is that when a man is trying to balance many girls, he tends to get more generic with his messages and here I’m talking about the fact that he often replaces your name with things like “baby” or “honey,” and also, most of his messages don’t even seem personal.


He might also resort to sending copied and pasted messages that were clearly not written specifically for you. These could be lines you’ve seen on his social media or ones that don’t connect to previous conversations you’ve had. Furthermore, if he takes hours to respond but his replies are disappointingly brief and vague, this lack of effort could reveal his disinterest in nurturing a meaningful relationship. It’s important to trust your intuition if his digital communication patterns suddenly shift—it may point to bigger issues in trust and fidelity.


He is Not Transparent

Do you know what your boyfriend is doing at every hour of the day? Does he often tells you how his day went, where he was or with whom he met? If your boyfriend is not transparent and if he always feels the need to hide things from you, then you should be careful, since he might be lying about important things as well.


You Don’t Make Plans Together

Do you make plans together? Does your boyfriend include you in his plans or does he share your interests? The fact that you don’t make plans together should tell you that there are certain things about your boyfriend that you still don’t know, even if he tells you that you really are his one and only.

Sometimes it can be pretty difficult to tell who you can trust and who you can’t, and that’s why it’s important to discover the signs of an unfaithful partner. Do you know any other signs of an unfaithful partner that I didn’t mention in this article? Please tell us about them in the comments section!

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7 signs he shouldn't BE your boyfriend

So true. You can never trust him when he's like this. Hell if my boyfriend was like this who wouldn't BE my boyfriend anymore. What's a relationship without trust?

More reasons why he should be your next ex rather than give him satisfaction of boyfriend title! His actions have made it clear of his non intentions

This is on target

I broke up with a guy because he always had excuses for why he didn't have time for me. He also wanted to plan things in advance. It was always when he wanted to see me. It would be unheard of to just show up at his house. He also deleted his facebook shortly after we started going out. He started keeping his phone on him all the time. I started having an overwhelming feeling that he was also seeing someone else. Needless to say, i have moved on and am with an incredible man now that appreciates me and wants to spend as much time with me as possible. Now i am glad the first guy turned out to be a jerk, or i wouldn't have met my current partner. I think the best policy is to always go with your gut feelings. If you feel something is not right, your probably right. Later i found out from one of his ex girlfriends that he had cheated in every relationship he has ever been in. Be smart ladies.

My boyfriend does the opposite of all of these! :)

very normal

*he wouldn't be

My boyfriend does everything he's wrong so I won't trust him n he expects me TO trust him ):

I don't see why using a pet name is such a problem. I rarely used my ex-husbands name, as we always used nicknames for each other, and if I was mad at him then I'd use his name. My current partner and I don't really use names than much but instead call each other darling, honey, or sweetheart. Sometimes terms of endearment are nice.

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