7 Fabulous Festive Flirting Tips for Your Next Christmas Party ...


If you're looking for some festive flirting tips then look no further because I have some flirting essentials for those Christmas parties. Many people are now throwing parties and spirits are high during the festive season. What better time to meet the boy or girl of your dreams? Follow these festive flirting tips for success at the next Christmas party.

1. Marvelous Mistletoe

Let's face it, it's not Christmas without the ubiquitous mistIetoe. I know, it's a little cheesy, but everyone likes to play the mistletoe trick during the festive season and it's one of the top festive flirting tips. Strategically move so that you will both be positioned under the mistletoe and will have no choice other than to have a little Christmas kiss under it!



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