7 Fabulous Festive Flirting Tips for Your Next Christmas Party ...


7 Fabulous Festive Flirting Tips for Your Next Christmas Party ...
7 Fabulous Festive Flirting Tips for Your Next Christmas Party ...

If you're looking for some festive flirting tips then look no further because I have some flirting essentials for those Christmas parties. Many people are now throwing parties and spirits are high during the festive season. What better time to meet the boy or girl of your dreams? Follow these festive flirting tips for success at the next Christmas party.

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Marvelous Mistletoe

Let's face it, it's not Christmas without the ubiquitous mistIetoe. I know, it's a little cheesy, but everyone likes to play the mistletoe trick during the festive season and it's one of the top festive flirting tips. Strategically move so that you will both be positioned under the mistletoe and will have no choice other than to have a little Christmas kiss under it!



One of the top festive flirting tips is to relax. This is one of the most attractive traits in someone. If someone is feeling uncomfortable and scowling then they're probably not relaxed and this will act as a barrier to potential love interests. Relax your body and avoid standing in the corner and folding your arms.


Fresh Breath

If you're going to kiss under the mistletoe you're going to need minty fresh breath. However, those delicious garlicky canapés aren't the best thing to eat if you're going to have a cheeky kiss with your crush under the mistletoe. If you're going to partake in party food indulgence then be sure to take a breath spray, mints or gum, just in case.



Confidence is key and is another top festive flirting tip. Many people gain their confidence through consuming excessive amounts of alcohol but this is probably going to lead to a sore head and next-day regrets. Gain your confidence through more natural means. If you suffer from nerves or anxiety in social situations, take some Rescue Remedy with you to spritz on your tongue in moments of need. Alternatively, take a tissue with a few drops of lavender essential oil to inhale when you're feeling a little nervous. You'll soon feel relaxed.


Sexy Smiles

A smile is the fabulous flirter's secret weapon. Smiling is sexy and shows confidence. Brush those pearly whites and check for food between the teeth. And of course, be sure to check that you don't have any lipstick on your teeth before smiling at your Christmas crush!


A Little More Conversation

Now is the time to get talking and you have so much in common during the festive season. There are so many things to talk about and questions to ask. Where are you spending Christmas? What did you ask Santa for this year? And the ultimate flirty question: have you been naughty or nice this year?


Body Talk

There are a few less obvious flirting tricks you can use at your next Christmas party. Many men find the soft underarm of a woman very attractive so exposing it to them in a flirtatious manner is sure to get pulses racing. But don't go round lifting your arms at every many you meet; it needs to be done subtly. Also, the neck is a provocative area of the body. Tilt your head slightly to reveal the skin on your neck.

These are some of my festive flirting tips. Do you have any to share? I would love to hear.

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