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Whether you're trying to capture the attention of your crush or just want to have some fun playing the field, you need to know how to flirt properly. If you can't, then you'll never get the guy you're interested in. Don't worry, because flirting isn't nearly as complicated as it seems. It's actually pretty simple once you get the hang of it. If you need some help, here are some ways to be an amazing flirt:

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Be Playful

You can't expect to make a man fall in love with you if you're always talking about politics and medical issues. Intellectual conversation is great, but to be a great flirt, you need to have a playful side. That means that you need to stop taking everything so seriously. Crack jokes, tease him, and smile as often as possible! Keep things light.


Look the Part

No matter how verbally charming you are, you won't get anywhere with a guy if your body language and looks aren't doing their part. You need to have good hygiene, dress your best, and look like you're happy to be around him. That means you should avoid crossing your arms and habitually checking your phone. You should look as interested in him as you sound.


Know How to Respond

A great flirt is a great conversationalist. Unless you're texting your crush, you can't pause for ten minutes to think of an excellent response. You need to figure out how to keep a conversation going. It might help to think up a few interesting topics ahead of time so that you can redirect the conversation toward them if things get boring.


Don't Get Embarrassed

You can't be a great flirt if you're constantly worried about embarrassing yourself. If you're terrified of rejection, then you're going to hold yourself back from making flirty comments and giving compliments. You need to be fearless to flirt. Stop thinking about the bad things that could happen and focus on the good.


Pay Attention

You can't allow the conversation to revolve around you. You need to make sure that you give your crush time to talk. More importantly, you need to actually listen to what he's saying. Don't ignore him, because you're so focused on how you're sitting and if your make-up got messed up. He'll be able to tell if you're actually listening to him, so no matter how distracting his hotness is, listen to his words.


Remember the Little Things

Great flirts know the importance of subtle moves. Lightly touching his leg is better than grabbing his arm. Occasionally glancing over at him is better than just staring. Tiny compliments about his appearance are better than huge ones about how perfect he is. Moderation is key.


Be Confident

Confidence is the answer to all of life's biggest questions. It's the way to get a guy, get a job, and get a free drink. Even if you're shy and insecure, you're capable of faking confidence. Once you learn how to do that, it'll eventually start feeling real.

You'll get better at flirting the more that you do it, so don't hold yourself back. Any man would be happy to get your attention! Do you consider yourself an amazing flirt or do you need to work on your skills?

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Well I have a boyfriend , He keeps asking me how he wants to kiss.. Is he insecure or what? I just don't know what to do or say ugh?!! Thanks!

@jessica ... U know what u need to be confident and leave the feeling of loosing him cause honestly don't chase him at all show him how important u re to him .. And make him jealous ( that always works) and just be ur self don't fake anything trying know him better let him know u better and talk to him in such a way that he gets interested into u.. An eventually decides to go out with u ... Just feel attractive and be confident :) don't worry he will reply .. XX

@Sally I had and actually still kind of have the same problem as you... The best thing I've learned is to know that you are good enough and that even if he doesn't see it doesn't matter. Coming from someone who is not only self conscious, shy, and unconfident; taking to a guy and feeling like you actually have a chance with him can be very hard. The best advice I've ever gotten is to just practice as weird as that sounds :) the more you talk to them the easier it gets... I could talk to one of my guy friends with no problem because I didn't like him, but as soon as I realized I actually did I could barely look at him and I had no confidence, but I just kept telling myself that if I really liked him (which I really do) that I had to talk to him and that even if he didn't like me back in that way, it would be okay. So just remember that you are a great, beautiful person, and you do deserve it. Even if you don't feel it inside keep your head up and smile and no one will be able to tell the difference! Hope this helped :)))))

Touching leg????? 😶

Winking n smiling also works

@kanika thankyou so much, that has honestly helped me! Yeah I guess you're right, I should let him make the first move. I give him hints saying "I really do like you" and he either changes the subject or goes shy, but I guess that's what boys do if they're attracted to you right? I'm really hoping he does ask me out, but I'm just going to wait and see. The cutest thing about him is he will stay up until I fall asleep🙈 and he always gives little flirty texts saying "fight me" or "you've got no chance I'll tickle you" with lots of heart emoji's so yeah. Maybe there could be some chemistry between me and him:) thanks again Kanika! Xx

Anybody please?! I really like this guy too

I like these tips .. they are much realistic and they are effective ..(y)

@courtne it did! thank you so much :)

If I hadn't been happily married for 13 years, I would soooo find this helpful!!

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