7 Important Things You Can Tell about a Man on the First Date ...


First dates are as fun as they are nerve-racking, because you need to make a good first impression if you want to land a second date. However, instead of focusing on what you might do wrong, pay attention to whether your date is doing everything right. Here are some of the most important things you can tell about a man on the first date:

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If He Respects You

A man can fool you on the first date, which is why you should pay attention to more than his funny quips and conversations. Focus on the little things, like if he showed up ten minutes late or if he continuously checked his phone for texts. The little disrespectful things that he does when he first meets you will only amplify as your relationship goes on.


If He Treats Workers Well

Pay close attention how he treats your waitress or the woman selling you movie tickets. If he rolls his eyes at her and talks down to her, then he's just plain disrespectful. On the other hand, if he's overly friendly and checks her out as she walks away, you also have a problem. He needs to find the right balance if he wants to keep you around.


If He Has a Temper

If the waiter takes too long to bring you a check or the movie previews are too long, does he freak out or enjoy the extra time with you? If he's impatient and angers easily, you want to stay away. You can't have a good time if his rage is always set off by small things.


If He's a Gentleman

Does he hold the door open for you and pull out your chair? Does he insist on paying for your meal or at least ask to go dutch? Does he offer you his jacket when you complain about the cold? All of these things are important to pay attention to if you want to determine whether he deserves a second date.


If He Actually Cares

He doesn't have to show up in a suit and tie, but he should look presentable. If his teeth aren't brushed and his hair isn't washed, it shows how careless he is. If he really wanted to impress you, he'd look his best. If he's clearly not trying, then you shouldn't either.

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If Family is Important

The topics on the first date are light ones, so you can't expect him to give a monologue about his hopes and dreams for the future. However, the topics he asks you about the most often are the ones he deems the most valuable. If he asks question after question about your parents, then family is important to him. If he goes on and on about his favorite bands, he's a lover of music. You can tell a lot about him by what topics he brings up.


If He Likes You

When he says goodbye to you, does he walk you to your door? Does he leave without touching you or go in for a kiss? You can tell how much he likes you by how he bids you adieu. Just remember that some guys are shy, so if you don't get that smooch, he might still be into you.

First impressions are important, which is why first dates can make or break a relationship. If it goes really badly, there's nothing wrong with denying a second date. What's the worst date you've ever been on?

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Please read my article it is ''5 ways to know if a guy likes you'' or something like that

Loved the article! I'll try to femember it on the next first date :)

i don't agree with the temper one, he's not going to blow in front of you and especially not on the first date, unless he's some sort of mad man!!!

My husband and I went on our first date in May of 1978 and he's all that even today!

I love this! And Karen there are signs you can notice even on the first date...now some are great actors lol

I Luv the last one! My boo didn't touch me at all and we hv been strong for 3yr.


@Debra... My boy and I travelled together on our second date, when it was time to leave depart each other's company neither of us wanted to leave.. he just have me 'that look' and kissed me on the forehead ( took me by surprise to be honest!). That was the moment I realised I didn't wana say goodbye again ...We have been together nearly three years and are engaged to be married this summer :))... my point is ..it's not if he touches you or not ..it's more the 'how' that's matters 😊

Also if he has patients and love towards your pet, that likes to sniff him, lol

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