7 Sweet Gestures to Make That Show Him You Care ...


There are SO many sweet and easy ways to show someone you care. There doesn't always have to be some big form of affection; little things can say just as much! Here are some sweet gestures that are sure to let him know you care:

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Ask Him about His Day

Something as simple as "how are you?" or "how was your day?" can really show somebody you care. It proves that you're interested in what goes on with them when they're not around you. Be attentive and make him feel heard! It'll make him happy to know that he can always count on you and come to you whenever he needs to.


Don't Forget to Say "thank You"

If he went out of his way to do something for you, let him know that it's appreciated. Sometimes, all people want is a simple "thank you!" Often times, we take these things for granted because we assume that the people we love already know how grateful we are for them. Even if they do, it's always nice to say it out loud.


Leave Him a Note

I think notes are such a sweet gesture! You can leave them around the house scavenger hunt-style or just leave a cute message waiting for him on the door. It'll put a smile on his face and he'll have that to think about all day long! What would you write on your little love note? Where would you leave it?


Make Him a Surprise Snack

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, right? Men often surprise their ladies with breakfast in bed but, this time, flip the script on him. Wake up a little earlier than usual and make him his favorite breakfast! If he's not a big breakfast guy, how about packing him a lunch for the office? It shows that you love taking care of him!


Dedicate a Song to Him

One of the sweetest things to do is dedicate a song. I think it's so cute when couples have a song that just reminds each other of their love for one another. It be a super love ballad like (anything) from John Legend or a silly one that reminds you of fun times together. Songs are very special and it's awesome when you can share it with someone!


Make Time for Him

It's important to make time for your relationship. Sometimes, rearranging plans to be able to stay in with your sweetie really makes the difference. It shows that you care about spending quality time together! The two of you should have the same commitment to the relationship!


Tell Him You Love Him

Lastly, be direct and simply say the words "I love you." Those words are never said enough and it's a shame because we should always let those we love, know how much we love them. So, shout it out, leave him a voicemail, or just whisper it in his ear the next time you give him a hug. After all, who doesn't like to know that they're loved?

Well, there you have it! These are just seven (out of SO many) sweet gestures that you can make to show your sweetie you care. Can you think of any others? Feel free to share them in the comments so we can all spread the love!

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I've sung little bits and pieces for my man - sometimes when he's stressed or just when I want to express affection, sometimes that's the best way to get a message across for me. I wrote a love letter a while back too, maybe sometime he might do that for me ;)

That's so sweet, Isabella.

I slip love notes in the lunchbox!

I disagree - it is not too girly. I find it endearing and so sweet. I give my boyfriend cards and hide them in places where he will see them (eg sock drawer, etc) and he loves these surprises. It makes him feel loved.

Way to girly

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