7 Awesome Ways to Attract a Leo ...


7 Awesome Ways to Attract a Leo ...
7 Awesome Ways to Attract a Leo ...

With all of the different ways to attract a Leo, how hard is it to get it right? It's really hard! Leos are temperamental, they are proud and they are hard to get to know – much less attract! Unless you have mastered all of the right ways to attract a Leo, take a peek below. I've got all of the ways to hook your Leo-crush and how you can really pique their interest in you, no matter what sign you are!

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Shower with Admiration

One of the best ways in the world to attract a Leo is to shower them with admiration. Remember, you are dealing with a lion here, they like to know that you look up to them and that you are one of the few people that admire them. They love compliments too, love affection (we'll get into that!) and they absolutely love for someone to just shower them with attention. Want to get in good with your lion? Show 'em some appreciation!


Be Quick

A lion doesn't typically like to be alone either, so you've got to move quick if you are going to attract your Leo-crush. Moving quick doesn't mean that you immediately have to slip into a relationship with them – because they don't want to be pinned like that right away. Just start to engage in flirting and really gain their attraction!


They Love to Be Open

The important thing to know about a Leo is that they love to be open … and they expect you to be open too. So that means, if you're trying to really hook your Leo-crush, you've got to spill some beans and really give up the goods when it comes to secrets and confessions. Don't do it all at once, but trickle it down!


They Typically like to Go out a Lot

Now, I say typically, because not every Leo is like this, so you'll really have to feel out exactly what your Leo likes, but in general, most Leos like to go out. They crave a night out on the town and they really love heading out to the hottest club or restaurant. So that means? You've got to keep up!


Loves Affection

Remember how I said affection, admiration and of course compliments are the key to their heart? Well, that means that you've got to show them all three! Affection is a huge thing for Leos, especially touching, patting and slight teasing. They love it all!


Shower with Compliments

Compliments and flattery are something that a Leo absolutely adores. They have a lot of pride and while they don't want to admit that there are some insecurities, there are. So, that means that you've got to assure your Leo-crush that he or she is amazing in everything that they do!


Don't Be Negative

Finally, don't be negative. In general, Leos are the type of people that are positive and they don't want to surround themselves by people who are negative. So, if you have a bad attitude, tuck it away when you are trying to attract a Leo.

So, there you have it! Just a few of the tips that will help you get your Leo and that will hook him or her! What other tips do you have? Have you ever dated a Leo?

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