7 Factors to Think about when considering Divorce ...

By Alicia

There are some things you should think over carefully when considering divorce. Sometimes divorce seems like the answer. Sometimes it is the right choice. But there are also times when divorce is not the right choice, or you are being too hasty. Think about these things when considering divorce to make sure that you are not making a mistake.

Table of contents:

  1. if the marriage can be repaired
  2. have you taken enough time to think about this?
  3. your financial standing
  4. what this means in life changes
  5. is counseling an option?
  6. how this will affect your children
  7. choosing the right attorney

1 If the Marriage Can Be Repaired

When considering divorce, take time to mull over if your marriage can be repaired. Many people file for divorce because they are angry. This is not wise. They are acting out of emotion rather than logic. You do not want to throw your marriage away if there is a chance for repair.

2 Have You Taken Enough Time to Think about This?

Many people make the decision to file for divorce in a hasty manner rather than taking adequate time to think it over. Divorce is a serious decision and one that has long lasting effects. Do not make this decision lightly or quickly. If it is truly the right choice for you, you can still choose it. It is best to take time to think it over fully before committing to making this huge life decision.

3 Your Financial Standing

Considering your finances is very wise when you are contemplating divorce. You want to think about what stands to change with your finances if you file for divorce. You also need to consider if you can afford a divorce. I would never advise someone to stay married for financial reasons only, but it is a point worthy of thinking over. Having been divorced myself, I know the financial upheaval a divorce can take on you and your finances.

4 What This Means in Life Changes

Divorce means that your life is likely going to change in very drastic ways. It may mean you need to return to work or school. It may mean that you need a different job. It may mean that you need to move. There are so many life changes that can come with divorce and they are all worth considering before you make that big decision.

5 Is Counseling an Option?

I think counseling is always a good move but it something that each individual has to decide for themselves. I look at it in the following way. The worst case scenario is that if counseling is not helpful, you can still divorce. But if you choose to try counseling first, you will know that you did try your best to make it work.

6 How This Will Affect Your Children

Divorce can be devastating for children to go through. That being said, children also have a very resilient heart. Being in a home with parents that fight constantly is not healthy, either. Only you can make this choice. but it is worth considering the impact it will have on your children before you go through with it. Taking into account what is the best choice for them is a very unselfish thing to do.

7 Choosing the Right Attorney

If you decide that you are going to file for divorce, it is extremely wise to make sure you choose your attorney carefully. You want to go with an attorney that you have a good rapport with. An attorney who is your advocate, understands and cares about you is the type of attorney you are searching for. You also want an attorney that is good at their job. It is difficult to find an attorney that meets all of those qualifications but it is possible if you are careful in your search.

Divorce is such a big decision and a personal one. It is a decision that only you can make. What factors do you feel are important to consider before filing?

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