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7 Potential Reasons Why He Hasn't Kissed You Yet ...

By Holly

If you’re wondering why your crush refuses to make a move, there are plenty of potential reasons why he hasn’t kissed you yet. Don’t give up hope that you’re ever going to be together. A relationship could be right down the road; you just have to be patient. Here are all of the potential reasons why he hasn’t kissed you... yet.

1 Slow and Steady

Maybe he’s still recovering from his last breakup. Maybe he wants to get to know you better first. Either way, he could be crazy about you, but doesn’t want to mess things up. One of the potential reasons why he hasn’t kissed you is because the right time hasn’t come. He could be dying to press his lips against yours, but he knows that he has to wait until you’re both ready in order for it to be extra special.

2 Mixed Signals

For some reason, men find us women confusing. You might think you’re sending him clear signals, but he might not see them. If he can’t tell whether or not you like him back, then he’s going to be wary of kissing you. No one likes rejection, after all. If you think he’s confused about your feelings, the best thing you can do is flat out tell him how you feel.

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3 Perfect Moment

Some men are romantics. He could be waiting for the right place and time to kiss you. Why settle for a boring kiss on your doorstep when he could give you a memorable moment? He could be planning a fancy date that’ll end in the kiss of a lifetime. You never know.

Adekunle But how do you know?? How do you know he's waiting...

4 Not Interested

We can’t ignore this possibility. If a man hasn’t kissed you and you’ve given him every opportunity to do so, he might not share your feelings. Don’t be upset if this is the case. You’ll find another man that’ll be dying to kiss you in no time.

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5 Multiple Interests

You might not be the only girl that he has feelings for. Until he figures out if you’re the one he wants to be with, he’s putting off kissing you. He doesn’t want to lead you on and then decide that he wants to be with someone else. He’s refraining from kissing you in order to spare your feelings.

6 Friendship First

If you’ve been friends for a while, it’s natural that he’d be worried about ruining your relationship. He’s not kissing you, because he cares about you too much. He doesn’t want to risk losing you as a friend. Of course, love requires you to take risks. If you think your friendship is the reason he’s putting off the kiss, sit down and talk to him about his worries.

7 Just Plain Nervous

He’s not as confident as he looks! Everyone gets a little jittery when they’re around their crush. If he likes you as much as you like him, he could be nervous to go in for the kiss. In order to make things easier for him, show him that you’re as eager as he is. Don’t be afraid to hold eye contact or admire his luscious lips.

There are plenty of potential reasons why he hasn’t kissed you yet, so don’t automatically assume that he’s uninterested. Are you waiting for your crush to make a move? Do you think it’ll happen anytime soon?

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