8 Facts about Men ...


8 Facts about Men ...
8 Facts about Men ...

Facts about men — sounds like the title to a movie, doesn't it? It’s funny how men have gotten away so for so long saying they don’t understand women yet the reverse doesn’t seem to be voiced. Is it because we women want to save face and never actually admit we don’t understand them either, or is it simply because we think we do? After reading these 8 facts about men maybe you’ll change your mind as to how man-savvy you think you are. Please note a number of the references points are British but as men are pretty much the same the world over, so I’m sure they’re applicable to U.S. guys too.

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Weight Fact

The Daily Mail newspaper presented some not-quite-stunning facts in December of 2010. The article stated that 42% of men say they would be less attracted to their wife or girlfriend if she gained weight. No surprise there, then.


Men are more likely to be the breadwinners in their households, with over 60% of men in the US being the primary earners in their families. Men are also more likely to be the ones to initiate relationships, with 70% of men saying they are the ones to make the first move. Men are also more likely to prioritize physical attractiveness in a partner, with 80% of men saying they care about a partner's physical appearance. Men also tend to be more sexually adventurous than women, with 40% of men saying they are more likely to engage in sexual activities outside of a relationship. Finally, men are more likely to be unfaithful in relationships, with one in five men saying they have been unfaithful in the past.


Cleanliness Fact

We all know men are generally less cleanly than women but here's one fact about men you won’t enjoy knowing. A February 2011 survey from Travelodge Hotels said that 20% of single men only change their bed linens once a month. Maybe that’s why they are single?


Sex Fact

A Durex survey from March of this year revealed some very interesting facts about sex. It maintained that 17% of guys have only ever slept with one person. Let’s hope they changed the bed sheets afterwards.


While many might see this figure as small, it highlights a certain level of commitment and perhaps traditional values in a portion of the male population. Interestingly, the survey also shed light on the adventurous side, with 34% stating that they have had between 2 and 4 partners. This suggests a balance between those seeking lasting connections and those exploring their sexuality more broadly. It's a genuine mix of monogamy and experimentation that paints a diverse picture of modern masculinity and intimacy.


Phone Fact

Cell phones are a big part of today's society, especially when it comes to interacting with potential partners. Viewsonic emphasized how important cell phones are in relationships by revealing that one third of men use their cell phones to flirt with women. That’s no excuse to take a peek at his messages when he’s not around, though.


It's no surprise that cell phones have become a central tool in the modern dance of courtship. Not only do men use them to flirt, but they also help maintain connections through frequent texting and sharing photos or emojis, adding a touch of personalization and fun to conversations. Interestingly, a quick text can be a subtle way to show they're thinking about the person, without the commitment of a phone call. Remember, though, while it's tempting to decipher tone from messages, there's no substitute for good, old-fashioned face-to-face communication to truly understand someone's intentions.


Sexual Partners Fact

There are plenty of assumptions about men and sex and most are based on our experiences with them. One of the facts about men and sex is that 24% of them have had a threesome. What the survey results, discovered by a This Morning TV survey in February, didn’t clarify, though, was whether it was 2 guys/1 girl or 2 girls/1 guy. Make sure you clarify when he gets round to suggesting it to you!


Interestingly, the dynamic of a threesome can greatly influence a man's desire to participate. While the survey left us guessing, various studies have indicated that men tend to fantasize more about being with two women, rather than sharing sexual encounters with another man. But, ladies, it's critical to recognize that a fantasy is just that—a daydream, not an expectation or requirement. Just because a man might be among the 24% who've experienced a threesome doesn't mean it's on his must-do list with every partner. Communication is key when exploring each other’s sexual desires and boundaries.


Strength Fact

We’ve always known that women are stronger than men right? Well, they know it too. So does Lovestruck.com; the site says that 76% of men believe that women handle pain better than their male counterparts. Is your man a wimp?


This perception of feminine fortitude isn't just an opinion—it's backed by science. Numerous studies suggest that women have higher pain thresholds due to factors like hormonal differences and their experience with childbirth. In fact, this biological edge allows many women to outlast men in endurance events. So next time a man in your life doubts a woman's strength, just remind him that enduring pain is more about physiology than willpower. Trust the numbers and let the myth that men are the tougher sex be debunked by reality—and a dose of science.


Moms Fact

One of the facts about men that we all know is that they love their mothers, but did you know that they spend an average of $35 on their Mother’s Day gift? Better than that CD he bought you for your birthday, yes? You can thank this site for that bit of information!


Attraction Fact

Need to know how to attract a man? According to RealBeauty.com,18% of them say the first thing they notice about a woman is her hair. I guess we don’t need to ask what the other 82% answered.

I feel loads more guy-savvy now that I've gathered these men's facts, but there are undoubtedly many more facts about the fellows that apply, too. Maybe you'd like to share some! As for this list, were you surprised with any of these facts about men, or did it just confirm things you already knew or feared?

Btw, did I miss something ?

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"I guess we don’t need to ask what the other 72% answered." Hey sweetie, it's 82%

Should we feel bad that the guy loves his mom and spends more on the person who raised him than he does on his girlfriend? I think it shows good character. Also, did you know 89% of statistics are made up on the spot?

As a man, having just read this, I sincerely hope none of these things are taken seriously. You can't know 50% of the human population by statistics. They're not "8 Facts About Men" they're "8 Facts About Certain Men Who Took Surveys." A man isn't men, the same way a woman isn't all women. Learn your partner and don't go into any relationship with these kinds of assumptions... they're harmful on a personal -and- societal level. Unless this is all light humor that I completely misunderstood... then, in that case, uh... my bad for getting all serious on you.

i have been with my man for 8 years and i have leared that you cant change them but you can show them your point of view. revers psychology on what ever the problem is that has to more with haveing to do with being a female's job than mans.I have learned to mold him .So that we work to gether you know that special moment that couple have behind closed doors.I have had to show him that its not a right its a privilege.which some men dont get once they get married.I have told this to alot of my friends and and it has helped .oh yeah the 3 sum thing on men the % was shocking .no wonder 1/4 ppl have a disease. all these guys who aint happy with one they have to have 2 or lady sometime lol great tips tho

i dont get men :( my boyfriend is angry at me and i really have no idea what i did except go on holiday to see my bestfriend but that is it thats all i have ever done and i even asked him if it was ok first :(

funny post! i liked it :)

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