15 Things Men Love about Our Bodies ...


15 Things Men Love about Our Bodies ...
15 Things Men Love about Our Bodies ...

Things Men Love about Our Bodies are not necessarily the things that we love about our bodies. Ladies, you know that we can be our own worst enemy, but some of the small things men love about our bodies are probably things we wouldn't even find attractive. Don't worry though, I've got the low-down on things men love about our bodies so that you know, just what your man is looking at!

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Soft Skin

Soft Skin Men love, love, love our soft skin. If you think that your skin is not one of the major things men love about our bodies, it's simply not true! Think about it, a man's skin is typically rough, so they like being able to feel something soft around them when they are cuddling. Keep your skin moisturized with a scented lotion and he won't be able to keep his hands off you!


No matter what body type we have, men love our soft skin. It's a contrast to their own, which is typically rougher. Not only does it feel good to them, but the scent of a good lotion or perfume can be incredibly attractive.

Apart from having soft skin, men also love our curves. Whether we are slim or full-figured, men appreciate the way our bodies move and sway. They find the female form to be beautiful and graceful, and it can be a major turn-on for them.

Men also love our hair. Whether it's long, short, curly, or straight, men love to run their fingers through our hair and feel its texture. They also appreciate the way it frames our face and how it can be styled in so many different ways.

Men also love our eyes. They appreciate the way they sparkle when we are happy and the way they can express our emotions. They also love the way our eyes can mesmerize them and draw them in.



Bellies Believe it or not girls, one of the top things men love about our bodies is our stomach. For as hard as we try to hide it, as hard as we try to work it out, men absolutely love our bellies. It is something about the fact that we have the ability to carry a child in there and that it's soft.


Men are drawn to the female form for many reasons, and one of the top things they love is our bellies. Our bellies are a source of strength and vulnerability, a place where we can carry a child, and a soft spot that men can’t resist.

Our bellies are also a source of femininity and sensuality. Men are often drawn to the curves of our bodies, and the belly is no exception. The roundness of our bellies can be incredibly attractive and inviting, and it’s no wonder men find them irresistible.

Additionally, men appreciate the effort we put into maintaining our bellies. Whether we’re doing crunches to flatten them or working on our core strength, men can appreciate the hard work that goes into keeping our bellies in shape.

Finally, men love our bellies because of the way they make us feel. Our bellies are a source of confidence and self-love, and men can appreciate that. Our bellies are a reminder of our strength and resilience, and men can’t help but be attracted to that.

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Back of the Neck

Back of the Neck One of the top things men love about our bodies was the back of the neck! They love to nuzzle there, love to kiss there and absolutely love to press against there. It is a sexy and unique feature.


The nape of the neck can be a tantalizing spot. This area emits an intimate appeal when exposed by an updo or a haircut. It's no wonder a gentle touch or a soft breath here can set the pulses racing. Men find it irresistible for its less obvious sensuality. The back of the neck is not just a canvas for soft kisses but also a space where they can linger their touch and express affection, adding to the allure, especially since it is typically hidden away, making it a personal and intimate spot to connect.

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Arms For as much as we try to hide our arms, it is the one of the best things men love about our bodies. They love how strong they are and how soft they can be. So wrap your arms around your man next time you see him!


Men love the small details of our arms, from our wrists to our elbows. They appreciate the delicate curves of our arms and the way they look in a sleeveless dress or shirt. Our arms are a sign of strength and security for our partners, and men love the feeling of wrapping their arms around us.

Our arms are also a great way to show affection, with hugs, cuddles, and hand-holding. Men love the way our arms feel when we wrap them around them, giving them an extra layer of protection and love.

Men also appreciate our arms when we use them to make a point or show enthusiasm. They love the way our arms move when we talk and the way they look when we gesture.

Our arms also give us a sense of confidence and strength. Men love the way our arms look when we lift weights, go for a run, or do other activities that require physical strength. They appreciate our commitment to taking care of our bodies and the way our arms look when we do.

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Backs Men love spines. It's a known fact that they love the way our back feels pressed against them. So why not show your back off in a sexy top or even a backless dress? It's guaranteed to get your guy going! Backs are sexy ladies, so show it off!


The curve of a woman's back can be enticingly seductive. It speaks of poise and grace, hinting at strength underlying the delicate beauty. When you highlight this area, it's not just about the bared skin but also about the subtle tease of what lies beyond sight. Whether it's a slender line or a fuller, shapely form, a back can mesmerize. It's a canvas for soft touches, teasing the senses, and a nape that begs for gentle kisses. Let that backless outfit be a siren call, because men are certainly listening!

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Calves All men love legs, but specifically, they love calves. It's the way we move them, the way they look in skirts and the way we cross them. Men go wild for a girl that shows off her calves – trust me! Show your sexy legs off in a skirt, dress or some shorts, it will drive him wild!


Showing off a perfect set of calves isn’t just about length; it's about the sculpted form that comes from a great pair of heels or a day spent at the gym. Muscle definition plays a huge role in appeal because it hints at a lifestyle that celebrates fitness and strength. Whether you’re rocking stilettos or sprinting in your favorite sneakers, those curves can set hearts racing. Plus, a little tan can make those muscles pop, so don't shy away from highlighting your legs with a beautiful glow. Men can't help but admire the power and grace your calves exude with every step.

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Collarbones Finally, the last part of our bodies that you might not realize that he loves is your collarbones. Guys have a thing for collarbones. It's probably because they are beautiful looking in the right top or dress, are easy to kiss and can really draw all kinds of attention!


Men are visual creatures, and they love to admire the female body. One of the features that men often find attractive is collarbones. Collarbones are a beautiful part of the body, which can be accentuated when wearing the right top or dress. They are also easy to kiss and can be a source of great pleasure.

The collarbone is a slender bone that connects the shoulder blade to the sternum. It is part of the axial skeleton and is located in the anterior part of the neck. It is most visible when the arms are raised. It is also a common site for jewelry such as necklaces and pendants.

Collarbones are an important part of the body for more than just aesthetics. They provide support to the shoulder and the neck and help to protect the nerves and blood vessels in the area. They also help to support the weight of the head, which can be particularly important when doing activities such as running and jumping.

Collarbones are also a source of great pleasure for men. They are easy to kiss and can be a great way to show affection. They can also be a great source of stimulation during foreplay.

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Thighs Let's face it ladies, men love legs, and all parts of them, but especially your thighs! Men love strong thighs, because not only is it a sign of a strong woman, but is also a sign you'll be better in the bedroom too, believe it or not. They like full thighs, not stick thin ones, so take the pressure of the need to be incredibly thin in the thigh area. Your guy likes a little meat in that department!


When it comes to the female body, men have a lot of preferences. From curves to toned muscles, there are many things men love about our bodies. One of those things is our thighs.

Men love strong thighs because they're a sign of a strong woman. This is a turn-on for many men because it shows that you have the strength to keep up with them. Plus, strong thighs also indicate that you'll be better in the bedroom.

Men don't like stick thin thighs. They prefer full, toned thighs with just a bit of meat on them. This is because it's a sign of health and vitality. Plus, it shows that you take care of yourself and your body.

Thighs are also attractive to men because they're a sign of femininity. Men are drawn to the curves of a woman's thighs and the way they move when she walks. It's a subtle yet powerful sign of femininity that men can't help but be drawn to.

Finally, men love our thighs because they make us look attractive in clothes. Whether it's a dress, skirt, or shorts, our thighs are what give us the perfect hourglass shape that men find so attractive.

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Hair Whether your hair is short or long, your guy loves it either way. Men see hair as a sign of femininity and romance. Many men love women's hair, because it offers a softness to a woman. A woman's hair also shows off her sense of style. Whether you get a new do or not, your guy will love your hair, so be sure to keep it smelling nice, because that's one of his favorite things about your hair- scent!


The luscious locks you sport can be a playground for his fingers, especially when he gets the chance to run them through during intimate moments. It's not just about length or style; it's about the way your hair frames your face and cascades over your shoulders, accentuating your natural beauty. Don't underestimate the power of a good hair flip, as it can be utterly captivating. Whether it’s tied up or let loose, your hair holds a subtle charm that can leave your man enthralled; keep it healthy and watch it become a part of the attraction.

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Hips Men love hips ladies! I know, I know, most of the time, we're trying to reduce our own, but they happen to love them! Men like curves and your hips are a sign of fertility to men, which, whether they recognize or not, is attractive to them. Hips are also a sign of sex appeal, and indulgence for men. Don't wish your hips away, because your man loves them!


Men have been attracted to the female body since the beginning of time. Hips are no exception. Men love hips for a variety of reasons, both physical and psychological. Physically, hips are a sign of fertility, which is attractive to men. Hips also provide curves to the body, which many men find attractive. Psychologically, hips are a sign of sex appeal and indulgence, which is attractive to men.

Hips also serve an important purpose in childbirth. During labor, the hips provide a wider opening for the baby to pass through, making childbirth easier. Additionally, hips are important for balance and stability when walking or running.

For many women, hips are a source of insecurity, as they are often difficult to slim down. However, men love hips and curves, so women should embrace their hips and feel confident in their own bodies. There are many ways to enhance your hips, such as wearing clothing that accentuates your curves or doing exercises that target the muscles in your hips.

Ultimately, men love hips because they are a sign of fertility, sex appeal, and indulgence. Additionally, hips serve an important purpose in childbirth and balance. Women should embrace their hips and feel confident in their own bodies.

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Voice I bet you didn't expect to see this on the list, but trust me, men love a woman's voice. Most men will tell you that the sound of a woman's voice they love is one of their favorite things about them. Whether it's soft, strong, deep or you have accent like I do, appreciate your voice, because it's one of your trademarks most men always remember.


It's more than just mere melody; it's the backdrop to your laughter, the tenderness in your consolation, and the strength when you exclaim passion. Your voice is a signature symphony, echoing your life's unique story. Just as a familiar scent can evoke a myriad of memories, the nuances in your pitch and tone leave a lasting imprint. So next time you speak, remember, it's not just words that are being heard, but the captivating essence of you being remembered.

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Hands Men loves women's hands because they're smaller than theirs, and often dainty. Besides, your hands are fun for men to hold, and is another reason they love touching them so much. Keep your hands soft, because soft hands are really sexy and attractive to a man. Nail length doesn't matter so much, so don't fret if you don't have picture perfect nails. They're perfect just the way they are!


Men are also enchanted by the way a woman's hands can effortlessly express grace and femininity. Whether it's the elegant gesture of a hand sweeping away a stray hair, or the gentle touch that can soothe any worry away, these subtle movements captivate and endear. Watching a woman perform tasks with her hands, be it writing, cooking, or playing an instrument, can be mesmerizing, and it's a detail that certainly doesn't escape a man's notice. So even if your hands are busy and hard at work, remember they have their own allure – an unspoken language that speaks volumes to the opposite sex.

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Chin Ever wonder why men love to touch and hold your chin? It's the prime place of intimacy for men to touch on your face, and men love to hold a woman's chin when kissing them. Your chin also leads to your neck, which is incredibly appealing to men as well.


The chin, often an underscored feature, carries with it a subtle magnetism that's both endearing and sensual. Men find the gentle curve of a woman's chin to be a soft spot, perfect for affectionate gestures that promise tenderness and closeness. When a man cradles your chin in his hand, it’s as if he's cherishing the very essence of who you are, and that simple touch can send shivers right to your heart. Plus, the proximity to your lips makes it a natural starting point for a passionate journey.

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Lips Obviously a given, our lips are no doubt incredibly loved by almost all men. Since men love kissing women, our lips are one of the main things a man loves to admire about a woman. Be sure to keep them soft and pretty, and by the way, a man hates tons of lipstick, so wear less because he loves the natural look!


Men are definitely drawn to women’s lips. The fullness and shape of a woman’s lips can be a real turn-on for men. It’s not just the look of a woman’s lips that can make them attractive, it’s also how they feel. Soft, smooth lips are a real pleasure for men to kiss and caress.

The color of a woman’s lips can also be very attractive to men. A natural, rosy hue can be very attractive. Lips that are too pale or too dark can be less attractive, so it’s important for women to take care of their lips and keep them looking healthy.

The texture of a woman’s lips can also be very attractive to men. Soft, supple lips can be very inviting and attractive. Women can keep their lips soft and smooth by using lip balm or lip scrub regularly.

Finally, men love the look of natural lips. Too much lipstick can be off-putting for men. It’s best to keep the makeup minimal and let your natural beauty shine through. Men love the look of natural, healthy lips.

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Eyes Often called the window to a woman's soul, eyes are one of men's favorite things about a woman. You can see how a person feels directly through their eyes, and though some men have preferences in eye color, most men don't. Don't worry about applying a ton of eye makeup either, because guys love our eyes the more natural they look.

There are tons of different things men love about our bodies that you might not be aware of. Heck, maybe some of these things men love about our bodies are things that you hate. Don't worry ladies, your men loves all of you, but he probably goes crazy for a few things on this list. So ladies, what are some of the body parts that you go crazy for on a man? Do they match up with this list? Me? I'm a collarbone girl!

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Wow! It is great to know this stuff so that I can show these parts of my body more often! Trust me, when your 80 your partner still looks at your body!

So did anyone else notice that basically the only thing not on here was the one you think of first... Boobs.

I love my man's back and neck. Just feeling his back when we hug is amazing, and just a tickle on the neck gets him going.

chickens are my friends

I mean I think you mentioned everything about a woman hahaha

I'm a 21 yr. old lady and I'm attracted to the jawline and overall face shape (how masculine and strong it is), hand (big and strong), height, shoulders&arms, and of course the smile and expressive eyes (happy, sexy, flirty, mysterious) I can't pick out of these features the #1-they're all equally important :)

Some of these points are a bit silly.

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