Love Tips 13 Absolutely Trivial Things about You That Guys Don't Care about ...


Love Tips 13 Absolutely Trivial Things about You That Guys Don't Care about ...
Love Tips 13 Absolutely Trivial Things about You That Guys Don't Care about ...

Love Tips come in handy in a variety of situations, but my favorite tips have to do with the things women think about that guys really don't. If you've ever obsessed over shaved legs or visible roots, ladies, then this post is for you. What you need are some eye-opening love tips that reveal what guys really care about and what they definitely. Hopefully these love tips featuring some absolutely trivial things that most guys don't care about at all will help ease some stress in your life!

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Smile/Expression Lines

Here's a love tip most of us we'll be glad to know: although you might worry about the smile lines around your mouth and the expression lines on your forehead, between your eyebrows, or around your eyes, guys don't really care. If they notice those things at all, it's just to see that you laugh a lot, that you have animated expressions, that you've really experienced life. So rather than hiding these lines, be proud of them!


Exposed Roots

I'm incredibly guilty of this, even though I know the Better Half doesn't care. However, men don't care about your roots. If you color them to make yourself feel good about how you look, that's totally cool. Rest assured, though, they're not going to negatively affect anyone's opinion of you!


Leg Stubble

Raise your hand if you obsess over every little bit of stubble on your legs! Mine's high in the air, I promise. So, here's a love tip that can save you from a lot of razor burn. Odds are high that the man in your life doesn't even notice a little stubble – and if he doesn't, he likely doesn't care.


Hair in Other Places

Girls go through so much with their delicate areas. Razors, depilatory creams, waxes – Brazilian waxes, even! Brrrr! But if you talk to the guy in your life, he probably doesn't notice or care about a little hair down there. So again, this is one of those things you can just do if it makes you feel better and sexier about yourself.



Do you have a little bit of a tummy? Is your stomach soft, rounded, womanly, feminine? Embrace. That's beautiful, and this love tip proves it! Most men think you look beautiful exactly like that. You don't have to be toned like a plastic Barbie to be gorgeous. Do crunches if it makes you feel good, but rest assured that the majority of guys will love that extra softness.


Breasts That Defy Gravity

It's a common assumption that guys only like breasts that somehow point skyward, but that's not the case. A little sag is never going to be a deal breaker, so don't be self conscious. Again, embrace your beauty – and your breasts!



Most women have cellulite – and most men don't care. Cellulite can be hard to eliminate anyway, so this love tip is definitely a relief. Don't worry about showing off your legs or being seen without clothes if you have a little cellulite. It doesn't matter!


Split Ends and Grey Hairs

I worry about split ends all the time, and bemoan the day I start finding grey hairs. I bet many of you do as well. However, your guy won't notice if you haven't gotten your ends trimmed in a while. Do haircuts and colors for you, to make yourself feel pretty, if that does the trick for you – but don't worry about what any guys are thinking.


Chipped Nails

I love painting my nails, but I absolutely abhor having any sort of chip in my polish. I know many women hate having an imperfect mani and go to great lengths to keep their manis fresh and chip-free.But you know what, don't do it for your guy because chances are he has no idea what color of polish you're wearing, how long it took you to do your nail art or if you're even wearing nail polish at all!


Perfectly Groomed Brows

We take our grooming routine seriously, but that doesn't mean that the man in our life as is observant as we'd like him to be. Having perfectly plucked and groomed brows is important to us. And although it might seem like having stray brow hairs is a huge beauty faux pas, your guy won't think much of it. Unless you make a drastic change, your guy isn't likely to notice it at all!


Pale Skin

Some people go to great lengths to keep their skin fair and porcelain-like while others can't live without their bronzer and self-tanner. Either way you go, your man likes you just as you are and it's not a deal breaker if you don't have perfectly faux-tanned skin or your face and and body aren't exactly the same shade. Your man didn't fall for your perfect tan, he fell for you!


Bright White Teeth

Everyone likes to have a set of gorgeous pearly whites, but we all know that there are tons of things that can cause our teeth to discolor. Coffee, tea, wine and certain foods can easily stain our teeth and it's just a fact of life. Don't stress if your teeth aren't the perfect shade of white, your guy isn't going to sweat it and neither should you!


Pore Size

It seems as though women are forever fighting with their pores to try and clean, unclog, shrink or hide them. Truth be told, your guy is probably blissfully unaware of your pores as well as their size and won't think much if your pores are on full display. We all have pores and while we might not be in love with them, your man isn't going to think twice about them so don't worry so much about it!

More love tips need to focus on the positive. There are so many things women worry about that we don't really need to – it just leads to tons of stress. Hopefully some of these love tips and revelations have put your mind at ease. Do you have any positive love tips to share?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Lisa Washington.

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My bf reproached me everything that it's mentioned here!

Hmm...well if guys don't mind about split ends, do they mind some mild frizz?!! I find that all of my friends worry about their hair and how they "need a trim" when I have a REAL problem with my hair! Being that my hair is naturally wavy, I've got a bad case of the frizzies!

And yes, some of you give us far too much credit lol.

Wow! That's amazing! I never knew they LIKED stomach. I've been trying to get rid of it for years! I always knew that some didn't mind, they didn't like it, but it wasn't a turn-off. But for guys to actually like that stuff? Wow! Of course, not all guys have the same preferences. But love tip#5 made my day. :D

Ladies, I hope you don\'t mind me being here. I joined bc there are feminine things I enjoy and want to try cross dressing. I recently shaved my legs and stumbled over the site when I searched \"what do I do about stubble\" lol. I am very masculine otherwise and an extremely alpha male chef at work. With that said, take it from me, we do not care about any of these 8 things. The biggest thing we like is variety which leads many men to cheating. So instead of maintaining that perfect skin, hair, and makeup 100% of the time, change it up. Smooth n silky legs are awesome but a lil texture from time to time is nice as well. Just like that tickle some ladies like from a guys mustache or goatee. The only thing I have ever noticed on this list is the gray hair showing n even that is a nice change at times. If your man has an issue with these things, it\'s certainly not the norm n he may have some insecurities leading to it or his mother was obsessed about appearance

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