7 FoolProof Tips on How to Get a Second Date ...


You should definitely pay attention to these tips on how to get a second date, especially if you’ve been on a lot of first dates and every time you thought that he/she might be the one, but afterwards, the phone just didn’t ring. It’s time to learn how to take your dating game to the next level and how to create an emotional connection between you and your date, so that they’ll be more than eager to see you again. Here are a few foolproof tips on how to get a second date:

1. Be Captivating

In my opinion, this is definitely one of the most important things to remember when you go out with someone if you want to learn how to get a second date. Just try to be captivating, ask interesting questions, be original and try to stand out from the crowd. Just let your true beauty shine and be yourself!

Exude Interest


#PostSugestion Ask questions and listen. Keep mouth shut and listen the best way to get the guys comfortable to have one more date. It's so simple that nobody doing that. Plus it's a good way to really understand if of you need that second date;)
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