7 Things to Tell Your Boyfriend without Saying a Word ...


There are things you're able to tell your boyfriend without saying a word to him. It's all about your body language, so you don't have to open your mouth to express how you're feeling to him. If he knows you well enough, then a simple look will tell him everything he needs to know. Here are some of the things to tell your boyfriend without even moving your lips:

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Shut up

There's a certain look that you can give your boyfriend that will tell him you're unhappy with what he's saying, and that it would benefit him to stop. You might narrow your eyes, purse your lips, or shoot him a death stare. No matter what you do, he instantly knows he should be quiet. One of the easiest things to tell your boyfriend without speaking is that you're angry. Of course, if he still doesn't realize, a little nudge might help.


I Want You

When you first met, the signals that you wanted to kiss him had to be strong so that he would get the message. You had to get close, continuously glance toward his lips, and hope that he understood. However, now that you're a couple, all you have to do is look at him a certain way and he knows you're in the mood for some lip action. You don't have to say a word.


I Saw That

If he stares at another woman in public, or throws a piece of your home cooked meal to the dog, you can let him know that you saw exactly what he did. There's no hiding anything from you. All you have to do is shake your head a bit, and he knows that he's been caught.


I'm Sad

He knows you better than anyone else, so when you're minutes away from tears, he realizes it. He knows what kinds of things upset you, and can guess how you're going to react to them. He's one step ahead of you, because he actually pays attention.


I Need to Be Alone

He knows when you're about to snap, and knows when he should keep his distance. You don't have to say anything for him to realize that he should leave the room, because he can figure it out on his own.


We'll Discuss This Later

This look normally occurs when you're surrounded by a group of people. He'll say something that you're not comfortable with, but you don't want to fight in public, so you shoot him a look to know that you'll be continuing the conversation later.


I Love You

Even though the words are important to say, you can still show them through your actions. When he kisses you goodnight and you give him puppy dog eyes, he knows that you love him, even if you're too tired to say the words. It's a look that he loves getting as much as you love giving, so don't be shy.

Some of these things may seem obvious to spot, but when you're in love with someone, it's even easier to get a grasp on their emotions. You know them so well that you can have a conversation without saying a word. Is your boyfriend or girlfriend skilled when it comes to reading your emotions?

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I know the "shut up" look way too well :)

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