10 Bad πŸ‘Ž Habits of Females πŸ‘© That Men πŸ§” Can't Stand πŸ˜– ...


There are lots of female bad habits men can’t stand. We are all aware of the claim that men and women are exactly the same, but the truth is very different in both biological and psychological terms. Ergo, what annoys a man about a woman may not annoy a woman about a man. Some women have no idea that their harmless habits are driving the men in their lives nuts. I have a large circle of male friends and acquaintances and carried out a survey among them. So, here they are - female bad habits men can’t stand.

1. Going to Bed with Makeup on

This is one of the biggest female bad habits men can’t stand. Men do not like it and do not understand it. It gives women spots, red patches, dry skin and it messes up the pillow. She always wakes up looking like Krusty the Clown and then wants to kiss and cuddle. Getting into a clean bed when you yourself are clean is the perfect way to get a good night sleep. It also allows you to cuddle up close without worrying you are going to smear him with cosmetics. If there is any habit you should get out of forever, then make it going to bed with makeup on. Wash it off before you go to bed, preferably with a shower, and if he still doesn’t cuddle you, then find a man that will.

Chipping Away at Nail Varnish and/or Biting Her Nails


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