How to Choose πŸ€” the Right Guy πŸ§” when Dating in Modern Times πŸ’‘ ...


Admit it, it gets harder and harder to find a good man these days, and I blame it on social media and the Internet. Not 100% of course, because some men are just douchebags by their very nature.

Lol at that. We could all say the same for women of course because not only men are douches. Women can be players, and trash as well. (Was that too harsh of a word?)

Well, truth is- you just have to find the right person for you- and that depends on how much of a standard you have. So if you think you REALLY SUCK at choosing, then here are some tips for you!

1. Look at Yourself First

Are you a professional. Are you a responsible person? Are you kind? The kind of person you are will attract the same kind of the opposite sex. Ask yourself if you are the kind of eprson you would wanna date.

Quit Looking at Unrealistic "goals" on Social Media