Chubby Women Use These to Snag the Perfect Guy ...


Chubby Women Use These to Snag the Perfect Guy ...
Chubby Women Use These to Snag the Perfect Guy ...

Speaking from experience, flirting when you're curvy, full figured, overweight, or simply fat is … well... not always fun. Specifically, if you're self-conscious about the way you look, if you're worried about how attractive you appear to others, and if you fear rejection out of hand, then flirting is just a disaster. There's a stigma attached to being overweight, but there's also a stigma attached to being seen with anyone overweight. There's this idea that big girls aren't beautiful or sexy, that we don't even deserve love, affection, or sex. I'm here to say that's bullshit. You should flirt to your heart's content. It takes a large dose of self-confidence (and sometimes a thick skin) but you can do it! So let's look at chubby women flirting tips to help you knock it out of the park!

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Arm Yourself before You Even Start

person, singing, Made, steel, baby, Dating and flirting are potential minefields for women of every size. If you're a full-figured woman, it can be even worse. Before you go out to wherever you choose to get your flirt on, please realize that people can be mean and cruel, especially around their friends. Not everyone will be attracted to larger women, nor will all of them be nice when they tell you so. Just remember that you are gorgeous. You are a goddess. More importantly, you are a person. If someone's rude, ugly, or mean to you, brush it off and let it slide because life is too precious to spend time worrying about some asshat's rude rejection.


Go out with a Body-positive Friend as Your Wing Woman

eyewear, vision care, person, eye glass accessory, glasses, Being around confident people can inspire confidence. Grab your girls who know how fierce and fabulous they are. Go out with friends who love every single curve they have. They can help bolster your confidence while you're out, plus it's natural to feel more comfortable when you have someone in your corner.


It's a Total Cliché, but Practice Really Does Make Perfect

person, emotion, album cover, religion, book, Everyone should practice flirting – unless you're a natural or already good at it, of course. When you're flirting with purpose, however, or you're nervous about how things will go, it pays to practice your techniques beforehand. You don't have to read your cues off index cards or memorize your approach, but you'll get more comfortable talking, sharing anecdotes, smiling, and controlling your body language.


Plus, You Can Figure out Which Flirting Technique Suits You Best

person, glasses, Are you a joker who prefers funny flirtation? Do you enjoy playing coy? Are you eager to emerge as a femme fatale? There are all sorts of flirting styles, so now is the time to pick out which one feels most comfortable and natural. This will help chubby women gain the confidence they need to flirt like a pro.


Always Let Your Personality Shine

hair, person, finger, thumb, hand, I'm not going to say that all full-figured women have exuberant, charming, or charismatic personalities, but a lot of us do, just like a lot of us have hilarious senses of humor. It's because we had to cultivate those things, because we grew up knowing we needed something to make people like us. Use those assets now. They are your gifts and they have an undeniable gravitational pull. My bet is that people will love talking to you, they'll actually enjoy having a conversation – and that's half the battle.


Flirt for Fun First

finger, Flirting is supposed to be fun, anyway, but what I mean is that even if you're intention is to meet someone, start out by flirting for fun. Make it a game. This will allow you to talk to more people, which will also help you polish your skills, but there's not nearly so much pressure.


Re-purpose Every Rejection so It Works for You

person, facial expression, emotion, profession, Someone,, You will get rejected. Realize, though, that everyone does. It will feel personal and it will sting, even if it's the most polite rejection possible. Don't let that put you off or crush your confidence. Instead, use that rejection. Use it as fuel, use it as armor – you can even thank the person for not wasting your time.

As you go on, you'll feel more comfortable, the rejections won't matter, and you'll have the confidence to step up to anyone and flash your megawatt smile. So, if you're a chubby girl, what are your top flirting tips?

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this is the most ridiculous article i've read on here so far... and that's saying something. it's offensive, even if the writer meant well. how should fat girls flirt?? the same as skinny girls or girls of any other size. gtf outta here.

Awful article so offensive and patronising

I thought it was good advice. I never really thought about the mechanics of flirting before, even though I do it all the time. Everyone needs encouragement now and then.

@jonirae I agree two hundred percent. Very insulting to bigger women. Wow.!!! Wtf

This is very offensive 😳

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