10 Types of Fkboys EVERY Girl Needs to Avoid ...


Let's be honest here, we've all had some type of version of a f*ckboy out there. We've dated them, we've messed around with them and we have had problems with them. If you haven't had a chance to get with a f*ckboy yet, there is still hope for you! Trust me on this, this isn't a boy that you want to be around, that you want to fuck around with and that you want to try to understand. So, if you are dating a boy that sounds similar to the list below, you've been duped and you need to start running!

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The F*ckboy Who Acts Differently in Front of His Friends

This is one of the worst ones out there. He kisses you, he touches you, he teases you in private, but once he is in front of his friends, he doesn't act like that. In fact, he acts like he doesn't know you at all. That is not the kind of boy that you should be dating or even messing around with.


The F*ckboy That Specifically Only Calls after Midnight

What has he been doing all day? No. Really. What has he been doing all day? Where has he been? Why didn't he answer any of the texts? These are probably the questions that you are asking yourself if you are messing around with this particular breed of f*ckboy.


The Artist F*ckboy

Now, these ones can be fun, who doesn't love an artist? I know that I do, however, they can also be temperamental. They can be a little moody and they can also get sucked into their work and their work alone and forget all about you. Best to avoid them all!


The F*ckboy Who is Having Sex with Others … and You

Ah, this type of boy is the one that doesn't want to commit, isn't willing to and will most likely give you an STD. It is absolutely best to avoid every single one of these f*ckboys. You never want sloppy seconds or thirds or … anything, you deserve better!


The F*ckboy That Doesn't Know How to Compliment You

If a boy, even a f*ckboy doesn't know how to give you compliments or he gives you really insulting 'teasing' compliments, what type of boy is that? You should be spending your time and energy on someone that at least knows how to give you a compliment.


The No-motivation F*ckboy

It's temporary that he's living with this parents, it is temporary that he is without a job, it's temporary that he isn't going to school. That's all true right? Wrong! This is the boy that doesn't have an ounce of motivation and who needs that in their life? Seriously. You don't!


The Jock F*ckboy

This is the boy that can't get sports off of his mind, his body, his soul or his mouth. He talks about sports, drags you to the sports games, plays them all of the time and is obsessed with ensuring that he keeps his body in shape. If you are a girl like this too? Then have at it! If not …? Well, then, it might be boring for you.


Oh, the Lovely Frat F*ckboy

This is the party-boy, this is the boy that even if he is out of college, he still likes to go to every single college party. Beer pong is his thing and lot in life and he seriously doesn't ever want to grow up. Instead, he just wants to party all of the time. Are you a party girl? That might be a guy for you, however, keep in mind, he might be combined with #4 on this list too.


Hobo F*ckboy

This is the couch-surfer, he doesn't even have a place to call his own, instead, he is constantly crashing on his friend's couch or your couch or even his parent's couch. He doesn't have an apartment or money so that means he is mooching off of you or his friends. All. The. Time.


Neanderthal F*ckboy

This is the boy that is just all about being a boys-boy, he is the one that will insult you without realizing it. Hell, he might even treat you like one of the boys versus a girl. He isn't friendly and while the sex might be good … it isn't worth it. Girls, wise up!

So girls, now that you know the type of f*ckboys to avoid, what are some of the ones that you want to mess around with and possibly turn into boyfriends?

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The one who flirts with others in front of you

Just had a bad experience with and he was messing with me and another girl that I work with at the same time

Yup. Definitely stay away from every. single. one. 😒

Great article and im recently seeing the neanderthal fukboy even more in my early 30'$ than i did in my 20'$ i mean come on! 😕

Hey there what's going on??

I saw them touching each other when I confronted him he denies everything and call me crazy and that I'm seeing things!!! Really???

Fuckboy at its finest!

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