7 Best Snuggle Positions That You and Your Partner Will Love ...


If you're in a cuddly mood, you should try out all of the best snuggle positions with your partner. Sometimes, it's much more fun to spend an afternoon relaxing in bed than it is to go out on the town. There's nothing wrong with spending a day inside, but when you do so, make sure to try out the best snuggle positions for optimum comfort:

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This is one of the best snuggle positions, and one of the most popular ones. All you have to do is face the same way as your partner, and have him wrap his arm around you. Having his body so close to yours will make you feel secure. Plus, it'll keep you extra warm in an air conditioned bedroom.


Wrap around

Let him rest on his back while you curl your limbs around him. Then put your head on his chest, because it's the best pillow around. You can also wrap your legs around his in order to get extra comfortable. This is a great way to snuggle when you want to feel your entire body pressed against his.


Only an Arm

If you're at the movie theater, or watching a show on your own couch, an arm around your shoulder is all you need. Of course, you can rest your head on him, and hold his free hand in order to get even closer. This position is perfect for public places, because it shows that you care about each other, but it's not inappropriate for others to see.


Partial Hug

Put one arm underneath his body and another on top, as if you're hugging him. You can lean your head on his shoulder, chest, or use an actual pillow. Just be careful, because your arm might end up falling asleep. When it does, all you have to do is switch into another snuggle position. There are plenty of them, so there's no reason to keep using the same one over and over.


Get on Top

Face the same way as your partner while sitting in between his legs. That way, you can lean back and relax onto his body. It makes it easier for him to hold you, and run his hands over your skin. It's also a prime position for hand holding.


Head on Lap

If you're sitting on the couch together, or lounging around outside, you can simply put your head on his lap. That way, he can play with your hair and lean down to give you an upside down Spiderman kiss. It's a sweet way to feel close to each other without being overly sexual.


Face to Face

If you love looking into his eyes, then you'll enjoy this snuggle position. Instead of facing the same way on a bed, make sure that you're face to face. You can put your hands around his waist, on his neck, or wherever else you feel comfortable. All that matters is that you're able to look right at the love of your life.

The next time you're relaxing with your partner, make sure to get as comfy as possible. These positions are the best ways to feel close to your love while staying warm and cozy. What's your favorite way to snuggle up to your partner?

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