7 Genuine Gestures of Love from Your Suitor ...


7 Genuine Gestures of Love from Your Suitor ...
7 Genuine Gestures of Love from Your Suitor ...

When the man courts a woman he favors he puts his best foot forward, so how can you tell that his actions are genuine gestures of love? Well, those genuine gestures are usually small and may even go unnoticed, so be careful to observe that charming man you are going out with tonight. You can go ahead and say that chivalry is not dead when you experience these genuine gestures of love from your suitor:

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He Opens the Door for You

I really find it sweet when a guy opens the door for you. But ladies, be warned. Be very observant and critical. This gesture can only be classified as one of the genuine gestures of love if he does this repeatedly and not just because you are dating the first time. For me, this gesture is a mark of a real gentleman.


He Leaves Messages for You

Post-it notes, text messages, or short e-mails are simple gestures which tell you that he thinks of you more than once in a day. Most guys are not that expressive, so leaving you short messages means that you are important to him. So yes, give the guy a chance.


He Actually Writes You a Letter!

Now this one is the longer version of number two. I honestly think that at least once in her life, a woman should receive a love letter. So men, if you read this, write a letter to the love of your life. Write as if you are speaking to her. It means a lot to us. Ladies, be grateful when you receive this letter. While we are the charming damsel at the receiving end, don’t forget to say ‘thank you.’ He would truly appreciate the feedback.


Says ‘Thank You’ to You

There are lot of guys who feel entitled to certain things (i.e. your time, your company) just because you have dated a couple of times. Be wary of guys like this. The genuine one says ‘thank you’ for spending an hour with him. He extends his gratitude to you for listening to him when he shared about his stressful work life.


He Remembers What You Say

They say men forget important dates (i.e. your birthday) but the ones who care about you don't. Remembering dates is a challenge for most men but he will make sure that he remembers because he will order flowers, reserve a table for two and ask you how your special report on Europe’s financial crisis is turning out.


He Lets You Talk and Doesn't Interrupt

You also need a listener. You also need a sounding board. You also need someone who doesn’t mind when you show the real you. When he lets you talk (and lets you finish) and doesn’t interrupt you even when you sometimes sound like an old record playing the same music over and over again, he's a keeper. Don’t overdo it though. Give him time to talk as well.


Calls on Your Friends to Help Him Organize a Surprise

This takes a lot of effort because our friends are our first line of defense against people who would try to hurt us, and he is considered to be a potential heartbreaker. But the courage to actually contact your friends to help him organize a surprise for you is truly a big step. By doing this, he might have won your friends’ affection.

Having shared these positive gestures, let’s talk about the negative ones. What gestures from a suitor do you find awkward?

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