Funny Tinder Bios to Add to Your Profile ASAP ...


Funny Tinder Bios to Add to Your Profile ASAP ...
Funny Tinder Bios to Add to Your Profile ASAP ...

It seems anyone who is single is on Tinder. That's why it's super important to have a profile that's eye-catching; especially if you want a guy to notice you for more than just your pictures. That's where I come in... Check out these hilariously funny Tinder bios to give you a little inspiration for your profile and maybe help you attract Mr. Right.

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Honesty is the Best Policy

Photography, Photo caption, Selfie, Nepenthes, This guy! He's funny, he's definitely honest, and he clearly has a great sense of humor from his pic and his bio. Making a play on his sense of humor on your own bio is sure to win over any guy reading your page.


Covering All Your Bases

Text, Font, Adaptation, Outerwear, Photography, This guy right here has all his bases covered for whatever age group is looking. If you wanted to do something like that your your page (with the same level of humor he's got going on) then you definitely should! Humor is an awesome quality to have and it's always a good idea to make sure you have your bases covered from the start so you don't waste your time.


This One Kills Me

Suit actor, Gun, Fictional character, Personal protective equipment, Costume, OMG y'all! I saw this pic circulating the internet and I about died. So freakin funny! It's sad he thinks so little of himself and I recommend not posting that low self esteem on your page BUT I think it's hilarious how it goes with his funny profile pic.



Cat, Felidae, Photo caption, Small to medium-sized cats, Snapshot, Okay, who's NOT a sucker for a cute guy AND a cute animal in the pic?! His bio is so crude but so funny. No cat? No prob! Use a photo of you and your dog and say you like to give puppy kisses. Let his imagination guess on the licking.


O.M.G. Drama!

Text, Font, Footwear, Winter, Jeans, This bio is funny but at the same point too, kind of sad. It's hard to tell if he's actually joking so maybe steer clear of something like this unless you put a disclaimer at the bottom. No one wants to get involved in drama like that... EEK!


Hot Cop

Arm, Shoulder, Room, Leg, Physical fitness, Girls love a guy in uniform and when they add a bio like that it's hard to resist! If you're looking to throw some humor like this on your page, BEWARE! While it's super funny, it's also misleading and could cause problems for you.


Real AF

Text, Font, This girl is so real it's amazing! She's straight honest about what she won't provide so a guy can't say she's misleading him but she did it in a humorous way that's bound to catch some attention-let's just hope guys catch on to the movie reference otherwise that'll be an awkward conversation! haha



Text, Font, Line, Document, Screenshot, It's hard to resist messaging a profile that has an awesome description like this one. I love a good pro/con list so when you can throw it on your profile hitting the high points as well as adding some humor into it, you're bound to strike up a few awesome matches.


The Funniest I've Seen

Product, Text, Font, Brand, Technology, OMG this one had me in stitches! I was scrolling through the web to write this article and dying laughing at some of the ones I came across but this one probably takes the cake. It's hilarious and short and kind of sad but in all the right ways.


Cute and Smart

Pink, Arm, Purple, Leg, Selfie, This girl knows how to play up her best outward qualities: cute and smart. She's clearly got a great sense of humor and she can probably hold a decent conversation-use this profile as inspiration to play up your best qualities and intellect.


No Words

Dress, Photography, Selfie, Games, Photo caption, I literally have no words for the humor and wit in this bio. I wish I could be this clever on the spot but unfortunately my humor is more sass than anything else. If your name is Tess, please use this as your Tinder bio ASAP! hahaha



Dog, Mammal, Canidae, Shih tzu, Dog breed, Once again, a pic with a cute guy and a cute animal-what's not to love!? Throw up a pic of you and your your pet doing something silly and lovable like a snapchat filter or a funny face like this profile.

What's the funniest Tinder bio you've seen? Anything jump out at you before? What do you have that's humorous in your bio?

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