25 Worst Chat-up Lines ...


25 Worst Chat-up Lines ...
25 Worst Chat-up Lines ...

How many times have you been enjoying a quiet night out with your friends, when you’re hit with some of the worst chat-up lines imaginable? And why do men still insist on saying them?! Surely, they can’t actually work! They can be funny though – here are some of the lamest and worst chat-up lines I’ve ever heard.

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Do You Believe...

One of the classic, and one of the worst chat-up lines. "Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should I walk past again?"


Ladder or Stairway

"Is that a ladder in your tights, or is it a stairway to heaven?"


Close Your Eyes...

"Close your eyes. I bet I can kiss you on the lips without touching your lips." Someone actually said this to me last week. It didn’t work.


Star Trek

"Hey Pretty Lady, I Know Klingon And Tonight I’m Going to Klingon to You!" A chat-up line for the Trekkie fans out there. Klingon is Star Trek… right?


Boyfriend Material

"Have a Feel of My Shirt. Do You Know What It Feels like? Boyfriend Material."


Ring Your Mum...

"Here’s 10p. Ring Your Mum And Tell Her You Won’t Be Coming Home Tonight."


Guessing Game

"Pick a Number between One And 10. Oh Sorry, You Lost! You’ll Have to Take All Your Clothes off."


Mr. Right

"Hi, I’m Mr Right. Somebody Said You Were Looking for Me?"


Mr. Right is an example of a bad chat-up line. It is a line that is often used by people trying to flirt with a potential romantic partner. It implies that the person making the statement is the perfect person for the other person, which is often unrealistic. This line is often seen as insincere and can make the other person feel uncomfortable. It is important to use more original lines when trying to start a conversation with someone you are interested in.


For Book Worms

"Do You Have a Library Card? Because I Am Checking You Out."


While Traveling?

"Is There An Airport Nearby, Or Did My Heart Just Take off?"



"I’ll Cook You Dinner If You Cook My Breakfast."



"I Was So Distracted by Your Beauty That I Ran into The Wall over There. I’m Going to Need Your Name And Number. You Know, for Insurance Purposes."


I'm Lost!

"Hello, I’m Lost. Can You Give Me Directions to Your House Please?"


You Wish...

"Well, Here I Am. So, What Were Your Other Two Wishes?"


Suspended License

"Hi. Did Your License Get Suspended for Driving All These Guys Crazy?"


Time Vs. Energy

Another classic: you ask a guy for the time, and rather than telling you, he asks if you have the energy.


Time's up!

"You Have Five Seconds to Give Me Your Number. If You Don’t, You May Have to Forget about Going Out with Me Forever."



"Will You Take a Picture with Me? I Want to Prove to My Friends That Angels Really Do Exist."


Am I Cute?

"You See My Mate over There? He Wants to Know If You Think I’m Cute."


Quite an Insult, Actually...

"Hi. You’ll Do!"



"Hi, Have We Met before? Oh Right. That Was Only in My Dreams."


Free Drink?

He approaches and says "Excuse me, but I think you owe me a drink." You ask why and he says, "Because I saw you across the room and dropped mine."


Steamy, Actually!

"Is It Hot in Here, Or Is It You?"


Coat Check

"Get Your Coat. You’ve Pulled." And finally, simple, direct and to the point. How could you possibly say no to that, ladies?!

Well, I guess (I hope) these chat-up lines don’t really work, but they do provide a talking point. Still, if there are any men reading guilty of using any of the above – just introduce yourself, maybe tell her how nice she looks, then offer to buy her a drink! You might find it works out better. Do you have any unusual chat-up lines to share?

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I love the Star Trek one! I wish some one would say that to me! But let me tell you a disgusting yet HILARIOUS pic up line this older man suggested to my friends brothers friend (who was male... and in a bar that was not a gay bar.) "Hey, would you want to come over to my house and play billiard? I could be the ball, and you the sock." When my friend told me this my eyes went wide and all I could say was "Brilliant!" (ouh, and the best one would probably be, if a man came to me and said "I'm the Doctor" for those dr. who fans, this would be a dream come true.)

The most recent one I've received: Guy: Excuse me miss, can I interview you? Me: What's it about? Guy: Um...life. I know it's not exactly a pick up line but I knew where he was getting at

"Are you wearing space pants, bc your a$$ is out of this world" And some of these are actually pretty funny. I'd at least laugh.

Are you on Star Wars?? Because yodalisious

"Is your dad an astronaut? Because you're out of this world"

Are you related to yoda cuz YODALICIOUS

Here's one: if I could rearrange the alphabet Id put U and I together

This guy came up to me a while ago saying '' are you medusa ? Because you got me rock hard '' Guess what... It did not work

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