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Fun Double Date Ideas for You and Your BFF when You're Both in Relationships ...

By Alicia

Double dating is fun! It’s a way to spend time with your guy and your friends at the same time. Some things are more fun when you’re in a group of four rather than just the two of you. You have a friend along to chat with about girl stuff while getting your date night. These are some ideas for fun double dates.

1 The Oh so Popular Dinner and a Movie

Dinner and a movie are a popular choice for a double date because it’s fun. It’s not exactly unique, but it’s a choice that can make for a great double date. People keep doing dinner and a movie because it’s enjoyable. You get to dine at a favorite restaurant and lose yourself in a movie. What’s not to love?

2 Go Bowling

Bowling is an activity that’s more fun when you do it with another couple. Unless you’re an expert bowler, there are lots of opportunities for laughing together. For instance, gutter balls are always funny! If you do happen to be excellent at this activity, so much the better! You can show your date and friends some tips to improve their skills.

3 Stay in and Play Cards

Playing cards as a foursome is a lot of fun. You have enough people that you can partner up or just play on your own. There are so many fun card games you can choose from. Uno, Rummy, Phase 10 and Rook are a few of my favorites. It’s a great way to spend an evening. And since you’re usually in the privacy of one of your homes, you can talk freely and not worry about others hearing what you’re saying.

4 Build a Bonfire

We’re almost into fall, which means it’s time for bonfires. Sitting around a bonfire roasting hot dogs or making s’mores is a great way to spend your evening. It’s not an option for everyone but if you live in a rural area, it could work. Conversations can go anywhere as you share with each other. Best of all is the fact that the cool evenings make you want to cuddle up with your sweetie.

5 Hit the Golf Course (Miniature, That is!)

Miniature golf can be an idea that works well for a double date. It’s fun, not terribly complicated and provides for lots of entertainment. There are miniature golf courses in practically every area so most of us will have one close by. Grab dinner before or afterward and you’ve got a great evening planned. You could even make the loser pay!

6 Search for Flea Market Finds

If you enjoy finding rare treasures among junk then flea marketing is something you’d love to do. Flea markets come in all sizes and with all sorts of different merchandise. It can be a lot of fun to just browse, even if you’re not doing much shopping. It can also be fun to go searching for the perfect restoration project to take on. There’s usually a lot of good treats to enjoy at flea markets, too.

7 Visit an Amusement Park

An amusement park is so much fun with friends! What’s better than getting scared to death together? Thrills are the name of the game at an amusement park. It’s a great way to make memories together. Plus, if some of your foursome doesn’t want to go on a ride, it gives you company while you wait.

These are some ideas for double dates. Where do you typically go when you double? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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