Careful How You Speak--15 Sentences That Can Absolutely Ruin Your Relationship ...

By Holly

You don't want to ruin your relationship, just because you choose to use upsetting sentences. That's why Elite Daily has compiled a list of the things no one wants to hear. They could ruin your relationship, so try to stop saying these things immediately:

Table of contents:

  1. i don't care
  2. we need to talk
  3. i'm fine
  4. it doesn't matter
  5. you're overreacting
  6. are you sure you want to eat that?
  7. relax
  8. you sound just like your mother
  9. you're being crazy
  10. i told you so
  11. i don't believe you
  12. your friend is hot
  13. we just hung out yesterday!
  14. you're so emotional

1 I Don't Care

2 We Need to Talk

3 I'm Fine

4 It Doesn't Matter

5 You're Overreacting

6 Are You Sure You Want to Eat That?

7 K

8 Relax

9 You Sound Just like Your Mother

10 You're Being Crazy

11 I Told You so

12 I Don't Believe You

13 Your Friend is Hot

14 We Just Hung out Yesterday!

15 You're so Emotional

Do you hate to hear any of these phrases?

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