Dating in Your 20s Vs Dating in Your 30s ...

By Heather

Table of contents:

  1. in your 30s, you want a grown up to date, you don't want someone 'aspiring' to be someone
  2. in your 20s, that aspiring-artist boyfriend is truly going to be someone ideal for you
  3. in your 20s, you're looking for a drinking buddy-boyfriend
  4. in your 30s? you want meaning …
  5. 20s? no kids please
  6. 30s? you want kids!
  7. in your 20s, you put up with a lot of bad behavior from guys
  8. by 30, you ain't puttin' up with that shit!
  9. in your 20s, you're friends are your lifelines to guys flaws
  10. by your 30s, you pick out the flaws yourself
  11. the first date is the hardest in your 20s!
  12. by your 30s, you are a pro
  13. 20s? typically having sex by the third date in most cases
  14. later on, you want to take your time
  15. in your 20s, you squeal to your bestie the next day if he pays
  16. it's noted if he doesn't pay in your 30s
  17. pda is a huge thing in your 20s
  18. you keep your pda in check in your 30s
  19. you'll date the same guy over and over again in your 20s
  20. 30s? hell no!
  21. in your 20s, you start your relationship via social media
  22. once you hit 30, it's all about the mystery
  23. you get a bit obsessive in your 20s
  24. you mellow out in your 30s
  25. when you're in your 20s, you think you've dated enough and been single enough to think it's you
  26. you just accept it in your 30s
  27. when you finally meet mr. right in your 20s? you forget all about 'forever alone'
  28. when you finally meet mr. right in your 30s? you give all of yourself

1 In Your 30s, You Want a Grown up to Date, You Don't Want Someone 'aspiring' to Be Someone

2 In Your 20s, That Aspiring-artist Boyfriend is Truly Going to Be Someone Ideal for You

3 In Your 20s, You're Looking for a Drinking Buddy-boyfriend

4 In Your 30s? You Want Meaning …

5 20s? No Kids Please

6 30s? You Want Kids!

7 In Your 20s, You Put up with a Lot of Bad Behavior from Guys

8 By 30, You Ain't Puttin' up with That Shit!

9 In Your 20s, You're Friends Are Your Lifelines to Guys Flaws

10 By Your 30s, You Pick out the Flaws Yourself

11 The First Date is the Hardest in Your 20s!

12 By Your 30s, You Are a Pro

13 20s? Typically Having Sex by the Third Date in Most Cases

14 Later on, You Want to Take Your Time

15 In Your 20s, You Squeal to Your Bestie the Next Day if He Pays

16 It's Noted if He Doesn't Pay in Your 30s

17 PDA is a Huge Thing in Your 20s

18 You Keep Your PDA in Check in Your 30s

19 You'll Date the Same Guy over and over Again in Your 20s

20 30s? Hell No!

21 In Your 20s, You Start Your Relationship via Social Media

22 Once You Hit 30, It's All about the Mystery

23 You Get a Bit Obsessive in Your 20s

24 You Mellow out in Your 30s

25 When You're in Your 20s, You Think You've Dated Enough and Been Single Enough to Think It's You

26 You Just Accept It in Your 30s

27 When You FINALLY Meet Mr. Right in Your 20s? You Forget All about 'forever Alone'

28 When You Finally Meet Mr. Right in Your 30s? You Give All of Yourself

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