7 Happy Relationship Problems All Healthy Couples Know about ...


Even happy couples have arguments. Of course, their fights are usually over mundane things that don't really matter at the end of the day. If you're in a happy relationship, then you should be proud to say that these ridiculous little things are pretty much the biggest arguments you'll ever have:

1. Where to Eat for Dinner

Where to Eat for Dinner

You'll tell your man that you don't care where you go for dinner, but when he suggests a location, you'll realize that you don't actually want to go there. When you turn him down, he'll call you a liar for saying you don't care about where to go. This will happen pretty much every time you go out. Even though finding a place to eat isn't actually a big decision, it can certainly feel like it.

What Shows to Watch without Each Other


Isabella Coles
Christmas day this year I get both sides of the party: the day after my man spends time with his fam and I spend the day with my fam - everyone's happy 😁
Adopt a pet and buy in the same sentence? Not cool
The heat in the car is so me and my bf 😘😘😘
My husband and I do these! haha! So funny :)
Pet wise, we've had everything from cats to small turtles, goldfish, and horses. They have similar taste in TV shows. Communication is the key. They will celebrate their 60th anniversary next Tuesday.
I can truthfully say I've NEVER seen my parents argue. Dad takes care of the yard, mom, the house. I'm sure they worked out the cuddle thing. If the house gets cool, grab a blanket.
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