17 Things You Should Want to do for Your Partner ...


17 Things You Should Want to do for Your Partner ...
17 Things You Should Want to do for Your Partner ...

You shouldn't be annoyed when you have to help your boyfriend out of a jam. You should consider it your pleasure. If you hate all of the things you feel like you're obligated to do for him, then you probably shouldn't be together. Here are a few things that you should want to do for your partner:

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Buy Him Gifts

Buy Him Gifts You should have fun searching through stores, trying to find the perfect present for him. You know unwrapping it would make him smile, which is why it should make you smile.


Be His Shoulder to Cry on

photography, darkness, screenshot, photo shoot, You shouldn't get annoyed whenever he sheds a tear. You should be happy that he's opening up to you.


Have Sex with Him

Have Sex with Him Sex shouldn't feel like a forced thing. You should be eager to strip your clothes off for him.


Make Him Food

Make Him Food No, it's not your job to make him sandwiches. However, if he had a long day, you shouldn't mind making him dinner, just like he shouldn't mind making you dinner.


Support Him

Support Him You should be happy to support him in everything that he does. It shouldn't be a bother.


Move in with Him

Move in with Him Moving in with him should be something you want to do, not something you feel like you need to do.


Spend Time with His Friends

Spend Time with His Friends His friends should be your friends. You should look forward to spending time with them, just like you look forward to spending time with your gal pals.


Build a Future Together

Build a Future Together You should be thrilled at the thought of spending the rest of your lives together.


Take Care of Him when He’s Sick

human action, person, clothing, mouth, leg, You shouldn't get mad at him when he comes down with a cough. You should be happy to make him some soup and sing him to sleep.


Listen to Him

hair, person, mouth, leg, black hair, You shouldn't dread the thought of listening to his stories about work. You should want to hear all about his day.


Talk to Him

Talk to Him You should be just as excited to tell him about your day as you are to hear about his day.


Look Good for Him

Look Good for Him Just like Selena Gomez says, you should want to look good for your man. Then he'll be proud to call you his.


Tell Him You Love Him

LOVE, YOU, It shouldn't be a hassle to say these three little words. You should want to say them as often as possible.


Make Him Feel Sexy

Make Him Feel Sexy You should be happy to give him compliments. After all, it'll boost his mood.


Make Decisions with Him

Make Decisions with Him You shouldn't be annoyed over the fact that you need to consult him before making any major decisions. You should be happy that you have someone to talk things over with.


Take Him on Vacation

Take Him on Vacation Going on vacation with him should be a blast! If you're dreading it, then you're probably with the wrong person.


Make Him Happy

Make Him Happy You should want to make your partner happy. Of course, if you two are good together, then you won't even have to try. You'll make him happy no matter what.

If you're in a healthy relationship, you'll want to do whatever you can to make your partner smile. Are you happy to do these things for your partner?

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Hmmm.. I find this article to be severely sexist, and deceiving. It says, "partner," so why are women doing all of these things for men? Where are the other types of couples? Also, who the hell says WOMEN are the ones who need to do all of these chores? This list makes me very uncomfortable. The narrow mindedness is killing me.

Make him happy????? Weird article..

I don't agree with all of this. You shouldn't just sleep with him just because he's your boyfriend. You should do it when you know he actually cares about you. And if you want to wait and he gets mad and then makes you feel like crap. He's not respecting what you want. You should never rush into it.

Awesome article!

It's all true. That's why I'm happily married :)

About her

I am so sorry about that I know not I miss that open the boys fling thin through my life about it and also can me and so mad and going though that

Lol- cover picture. Your partner shd make sure your behind is covered in public.

Help. What if you been with someone for 5 months and they haven't posted one thing on social media about you but you have tons. Yet they have pics of an ex from 7 months ago?

It will all come baturally if u love a guy

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