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Having Trouble with Communication? Here's How to Get Your Man to Talk ...

By Corina

Good communication is the key to a happy, healthy and meaningful relationship. The ability to communicate efficiently is important for maintaining equilibrium in a relationship, since a lack of communication can lead to problems going unresolved. Even though you might think that men don’t like to talk about their feelings, under the right conditions, they will talk all night long. Even though communication within a relationship can be quite difficult sometimes, just read on and discover a few ways to get your man to open up and communicate. Here is how to get your man to talk:

1 Let Him Know That It’s Okay to Talk to You about His Emotions

Most men are taught that talking about their emotions is girly and it’s a sign of weakness, so a lot of them have learned to equate being emotionally vulnerable with being weak. So, if you want your partner to let his guard down and talk about his feelings, just let him know that you will not think less of him for doing so.

2 Lead by Example

If you want your man to communicate more efficiently, then lead by example and show him how to express himself in a healthy way. This way he will know how he should talk to you when he has something important to say. But for him to do this, you should know how to express yourself effectively without making him defensive.

3 Reward Him

Reward your partner when he expresses himself well. Give him a compliment for opening up and for being assertive. You can even give him a kiss, a hug or any other small gesture of affection that will show him that this is what you want.

4 Invite Him in

Most men do know how to communicate their feelings but they usually do it when they are feeling emotionally safe. People usually find it easier to talk about their thoughts and feelings when they are not feeling threatened, so show your partner that he can come to you and that he can be open without feeling judged.

5 Touch Him

Usually men don’t want to seem weak, so that’s why they have trouble communicating their feelings. If your partner comes to you venting about his bad day, about a fear that he has or about any other thing that may be perceived as vulnerability, touch his hand or rub his back when he talks so he will know that you are sympathetic to what he is going through.

6 Try Going Somewhere Special

If you want to get your man to open up, a change in scenery might be exactly what you need to achieve this goal. Sometimes, going for a walk alongside a river, in the park or even to his favorite restaurant can help him to open up. Just go somewhere he feels comfortable and start talking.

7 Show Him You Love Him

If you want to help your man communicate more efficiently, then show him that you love and accept him just as he is with all his flaws and qualities. The more secure he feels in your relationship, the more likely he might be to communicate. So show him more often that you really love him and that you care about his feelings and you’ll start communicating more efficiently in no time.

If you want to get your man to be more open with you, then reveal yourself as well, because if you want to communicate efficiently, there must be mutual disclosure between partners. Everyone has problems and fears, so when he talks, listen to what he says and offer something positive in return. Do you know any other ways to get your man to talk? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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