3. Writing a Love Letter

I know it sounds silly and like something you'd only do in high school, but bear with. Writing or receiving a simple love letter is far more romantic than any gift you'll ever receive. All you need is a few short lines that say exactly how you feel. Not only will the recipient feel loved, but you'll feel all warm and fuzzy for writing it. I can't tell you how heart melting getting a note saying how much my guy loved me and how beautiful I looked really is.

Cooking Together


Really enjoyed this post! Super sweet advice.
Oh my god this article just made miss my man even more....
That's all so sweet *_* we have done a lot of this things but not all of them.
Last night wasn't feeling well and my guy turns up to my house with dinner and my favourite ice-cream. It was so heart melting real romance.
I want all of that !!!
Sapna Pathak
Except massage n cooking have done eveything 😊
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