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I Love You Because ...

By Holly

Saying "I love you" is a huge deal! It’s a big step in any relationship and even if you’ve been together awhile, it’s always important to know why you love someone and let them know why. Here are some ways to let your special someone know the reasons why you love them starting with the most magic words: I love you because...

1 Of Who You Are

Loving someone because of their morals, values, beliefs, honesty, loyalty, etc is great! It means they think before they act, they don’t take people for granted, and they’re cautious with their decisions-remember, you are one of those decisions-so someone loving you for you is a great reason to love them back!

2 Of How You Make Me Feel

If you want to let someone know why you love them, let them know how special they make you feel. If they know their efforts of making you happy are appreciated, they’ll end up loving you even more. It shows you value them for who they are and how they bring happiness to your world.

3 Of Your Dreams

Saying I love you because of your dreams let’s him/her know that you love them for their high aspirations in life. Telling them you love them because of what they dream to be or have out of life let’s them know you support them and support is one of the pillars of foundation in a relationship.

4 Of All the Little Things

Sure, point number 1 talks about loving them for who they are, but this one goes a little more personal. From the way they sing to the radio, to the way they treat their friends, to the way their nose crinkles over something... pointing out specifics like that can make all the difference! It lets them know you see them even when they think you aren’t looking and shows that your feelings are genuine if you’re paying attention to small things

5 Your Sense of Humor

Whether it’s occasionally dark and twisty (but not in a psycho kind of way) or dad jokes to the max! Loving him for his sense of humor is only a portion of what makes him, well, him! If he’s always making you laugh, let him know that his humor is one of the things you value because it brightens up even the worst of days.

6 His Looks

No, not everything is about looks, but saying to him, “I love you because you’re hot” will definitely boost his confidence! Tell him why you find him attractive. Guys-like girls-need to know they’re desired by their partner on a physical level too. Just be forewarned, this could turn into a dirty talk/foreplay session so be prepared!!

There's nothing wrong with reminding your significant other why you love them, especially if you’ve been together for awhile! Letting them know I love you because... will show them you’re still interested and invested in the relationship. Just make sure you don’t overuse it because then it just becomes something you HAVE to say rather than WANT to say.

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