7 Tips for Saying "I Love You" before He Does ...

Saying "I love you" is a huge deal. Since it's such a big step in any relationship, you don't want to say it unless you're sure that it's the right thing to do. While you'd prefer for your man to say those three little words to you first, sometimes the woman is the one who has to be brave. If you're thinking about telling him that you love him, here are some things to remember:

1. Think about His Thoughts

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Before you tell him that you love him, you should see how he feels about the word. Is he someone who throws it around casually or does he like to date for years before it's uttered? If he's the type of person who hates hearing it before things get super serious, then you should hold off on saying it unless you've been together for a large chunk of time.

2. Consider the Consequences

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Even if you know he's crazy about you, there's always a chance that he won't say the words back to you. If he doesn't, will it kill you? If you know you'll burst into tears when he just gives you a thank you, then you might want to wait for him to say the words first. You don't want to cause yourself unneeded pain.

3. Make Sure You're All Alone

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You want to tell him you love him in a private place. You don't want to do it while you're out at dinner at a restaurant, because he might not feel comfortable having such a big conversation with you when people are around. Make sure that you tell him how you feel when you're alone together, because if any of his friends or family members are around, things could get messy.

4. Create Confidence

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It's nerve-wracking to tell someone you love them, but you should try to say it with confidence. You don't want it to sound like a question or they won't take you seriously. You need to show them that you mean it. That means you can't take it back when they don't respond.

5. Know Who He is

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Before you tell him how you feel, think about the guy you're dealing with. Does he have commitment issues? Does he try to run away whenever you try to get too close? If he does, it's something you two should work on before you declare your love.

6. Pay Attention to His Actions

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You can tell when someone's in love with you and they don't have to say a word. If he doesn't say the words back, it doesn't mean that the relationship needs to end. He might just not be ready to express his feelings like you are.

7. Make Sure You Mean It

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You never want to tell someone you love them before you're absolutely positive that that's how you truly feel. If you end up confessing your love tomorrow, but then realize that you're not that into him a month later, you could end up really hurting him. In order to avoid that, you should hold back the words until you're 100% sure you mean them.

There's nothing wrong with being the first person to utter those three little words. You just have to make sure that you're both ready for them. Have you ever told a guy that you loved him before he said the words to you?

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