When the Going Gets Tough Try a Romantic Gesture ...


Life has been throwing you a curveball or two and maybe, and you've stopped making those romantic gestures, instead taking your frustration out on your significant other. There is no time like now to re-center yourself and make your feelings known. Don't stress; many couples go through this stage. As part of a partnership who has experienced the ups and downs of a relationship, here are my suggestions for romantic gestures to let your partner know that they still are the most important person in your world, even when the going gets tough:

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“I Love You”

Three small and simple words that conveys your heart’s desire. When life throws you more than one curveball and you are (literally) on your knees – reach out to your partner and tell him/her how you feel. Don't wait for a special moment to say it; any time is a good time to say those words, so long as you mean it sincerely. Roses and chocolates go well with "I love you". Romantic gestures like this never grow old.


The Kitchen Awaits

If you are anything like my husband who cooks all the meals and serves me breakfast in bed every morning – it’s time to turn the tables and head to the kitchen post-haste. Get your hands messy and treat that special someone to a candlelit dinner. The sink may be a disaster but it's nothing you can’t get to … much later.


Write, Just Write

Wake up early and before your partner leaves for the office, write him/her a special love letter and put it in his/her briefcase or wallet where you know he/she will find it. Or just leave post-it notes on your fridge expressing your appreciation for the little things he/she did for you. Never get tired of writing short notes that tell your partner how much he/she means to you. Do this and watch the magic unfold.


Name a Star

My husband did this for me – named a star in the Leo Galaxy after me. I cried buckets when he showed me where in the heavens a star with my name on it will be there forever. Do the same for your loved one and watch his/her heart melt. It’s a great gift during the holidays or year round.


Date Night

For those who have children, arrange a sitter in advance and kidnap your partner in an "unplanned" date night. You both deserve it and it's well worth the logistics. Make the dinner reservations in advance and stay the course.Sure you will have to shell out a few bucks, but how much does your happiness cost? You can't always postpone some things in life. Stop thinking and just do it!


Fancy a Picnic?

Drop by the office at noon and grab your hubby by the scruff of the neck and head out to the nearest park with a duck pond. This is what KFC (or similar chains) are all about. Fast food meals are not always the best but, as my partner would always say, "it doesn't matter what we do (or where we are) as long as we're together".


Light a Candle

Go to bed every night with a lit candle by your bedside and some body lotion. Give him/her a slow and sensual massage and whisper to him/her words only someone in love knows how to say.

Any more ideas in expressing your love during tough times?

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This should be expressed all the time not just in hard times

Naming a star after got is really cute but unfortunately it doesn't last forever. Stars are made of had gas and will burn out eventually...

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