4. Cooking Together

There's something incredibly intimate about cooking together. It requires you to work together and then you get to share something the two of you made. Even after a hard day, it's highly relaxing to get into a rhythm in the kitchen. What makes it really romantic is all the stolen kisses, random conversation and extra closeness. Try it and you'll quickly see why this is what real romance is all about.

A Massage for No Reason


Really enjoyed this post! Super sweet advice.
Oh my god this article just made miss my man even more....
That's all so sweet *_* we have done a lot of this things but not all of them.
Last night wasn't feeling well and my guy turns up to my house with dinner and my favourite ice-cream. It was so heart melting real romance.
I want all of that !!!
Sapna Pathak
Except massage n cooking have done eveything 😊
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