7 Helpful Hints You Brag Too Much about Your Partner ...

By Heather

Just because you are in a relationship, doesn't mean that the whole world revolves around it and if you have a feeling that you are bragging too much about your partner lately, take a look below at some of the hints you brag too much about your relationship. Bragging is not attractive and your friends can get tired of hearing about your boy or girlfriend real quick. Whether you are jumping into a new relationship or you've been with your partner for a while, you've got to take a look at some of the top hints you brag too much, so that way you can knock it off!

1 Constant Topic

Does your partner become a constant topic of conversation between your friends and family? This is absolutely one of the top hints you brag too much girlies! Whether you are bragging about his or her job, the fact that they get so much money or who they are (let's say, if they are famous or semi-famous), you never, ever want your friends to resent you or your partner, so tone down the partner talk!

2 Your Friends Are Sick of Hearing about Them

Have your friends ever come to you specifically and told you that they are sick of hearing about your boy or girlfriend? Have you ever listened to it? Maybe you should now. This is another one of the hints that you are bragging way too much! If your friends are actively telling you that they don't want to listen to your boy or girlfriend talk anymore – it's time to cut it out!

3 'We' Not 'You'

Ah, the dreaded 'we' statements. If you are constantly using 'we' instead of 'you' 'I' or 'him' or 'her' – that's a problem. Girlies, you are an individual person. Just because you have a partner doesn't mean that you immediately become attached at the hip. Break away from the 'we' and become your own person again!

4 Every Answer You Give Goes Back to Your Partner

If your friend asks you out for coffee, do you have to pause, think about it and then ask your partner about it? Why does every answer need to go back to your boy or girlfriend? You should be able to give a straight answer without talking to your partner, especially if it doesn't involve them at all!

5 Constant Facebook Posts

There is a girl that I know that if she does anything, she tags her boyfriend. No matter what she does, she makes sure to talk about him or mention him on Facebook. It's actually pretty annoying. If you are like that – STOP IT! You don't need to constantly mention your partner on Facebook. Your single friends (and the ones that aren't quite so obsessed and bragging about their partner) are sick of hearing about it.

6 No Girl's Nights out without You Bringing up Your Partner

How long has it been since you've had a girls night out without bringing up your partner? Just because you are in a relationship and you are proud of your boy or girl, doesn't mean you have to bring them up all of the time. Especially when you are out for a night on the town with your BFF's!

7 Your Friends Can't Talk about Their Lives

Finally, how often do you actually think to ask about your friends lives? Do you? Do you even remember if they are in a relationship or not? Probably not because you are so busy bragging about your partner. Give it a rest girlie and let someone else have their time in the spotlight!

So, there you have it! All of my tips for stopping you girls from bragging too much! Do you brag too much? Be honest!

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