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9 Helpful Tips when Starting a New Relationship ...

By Lisa

If you’re part of a new couple or you’re just looking for tips for a new relationship, I’ve got some nuggets of relationship wisdom for you! Sometimes, it can be awkward to get in the relationship groove after you’ve been single for awhile or got used to other relationships, so keep these tips in mind when starting a brand new love affair! After all, taking in all of the tips to start a new relationship that you can, can be super helpful!

1 Nix the Ex

The first and foremost new relationship tip to you is to get rid of any lingering exes! If your ex isn’t a genuine friend, there is no need for them to be around. Think of how you’d feel if the situation were reversed and your new significant other had an ex who still hung around, it’s not cool, right? Having an ex around can give off bad vibes like drama, baggage or that you’re just not over them.

2 Talk Often

Some of the commonly overlooked tips for a new relationship is to talk to each other a lot. Get to know your new flame on a deeper level and not just how he likes his lattes customized. Learn about what makes him tick and what he hopes to accomplish in life. If you want to build a solid relationship, keep the lines of communication open and be interested in your mate.


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3 Take It Slow

I know, it’s 2012 and sex is really common, but there aren’t any rules or tips for a new relationship that orders you to have sex immediately. There’s plenty of time to get intimate, so for now just take your time! If you’re new relationship is solely based on sex, it can get old fast and you’ll be craving a more meaningful and personal connection later. Sometimes, taking it slow is a good thing girls!

4 Have Your Own Life

One of the frequent mistakes people make in new relationships is that they literally drop everything for their new love. I know what it feels like to be caught up in the excitement that you can’t stand any time apart, but it’s important to have your own life. You don’t want to be the girl who starts slipping up at work, ditching all of her friends and family and forgetting who she is!

5 Avoid Being Possessive

Tips for a new relationship must include avoiding coming off too clingy or possessive. You might think it’s natural to feel that way at times but most people will find it annoying. Trust your partner unless they gave you a reason not to trust them. And if you don’t trust them, you might want to rethink being in a relationship with this person in the first place.

6 Tackle Difficulties

The next new relationship tip is to be willing to talk about potential red flags you are seeing, as well as being open to your partner’s concerns about you. Don’t let the excitement of the relationship or your desire for everything to go well cloud your judgment. If something bothers or concerns you, don’t try to look past troublesome behavior, be upfront about it.

7 Loves Takes Time

Another one of the important tips for a new relationship is not to rush love. If it happens, it happens and it’ll come naturally. Don’t feel rushed to say the L word if you’re not really sure you love this person. Chances are, they aren’t quite sure about it either and saying it too soon can scare the other person or make them feel obligated to say it back.

8 Be Yourself

Not being your true self and acting like the person you think you’re expected to be is another one of the frequent mistakes people make in new relationships. You can’t keep up an act forever and you’re totally misrepresenting yourself! What makes you think you won’t be accepted exactly how you are? If your significant other doesn’t like you for who you are, they can go suck an egg! Remember to always be true to yourself!

9 Don’t Relive the past

A crucial new relationship tip is to not bring bad experiences from the past into your new relationship. Don’t make your new partner pay for the hurt you felt and mistakes that others have made in the past. Go into the relationship with a fresh outlook without any expectations or misgivings. You owe it to yourself and your relationship!

When you start a new relationship it’s exhilarating and full of possibilities, but it’s also wise to consider these tips for a new relationship. We’ve all made mistakes before and as long as we learn from them, we’re growing as a person and can become a better partner. What are your new relationship tips?

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