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Tips for dating a foreigner can be very useful if you date someone of a different nationality. With many people moving to another country for work or other reasons, it’s increasingly easy and common to meet and fall in love with foreigners. There are all kinds of cultural and linguistic differences that can complicate the relationship! So here are some tips for dating a foreigner.

1. Language Problems

The first of my tips for dating a foreigner is that you must be prepared for language problems. Unless you share the same native tongue, or one of you is fluent in the other’s language, it’s very easy for misunderstandings to arise! So you both need patience and tolerance of any mistakes.

Cultural Differences


Heather Jensen
Aww! That's so awesome! :)
I'm dating a guy from the uk right now. It's the most challenging thing I've ever done, but every second has been worth it!
my friends ex went back home and ended up getting married. That should also be posted in there.
Heather Jensen
Oh, that's so true! Thanks for the comment!
Kathleen Watkins
Dating ago reigned also opens your world up to learning so many new things! Embrace them all, and realize you are more cultured and sod pustulated because of it!
Elizabeth Bergum
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