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8 Points to Remember when Dating a Foreigner ...

By Alison

Tips for dating a foreigner can be very useful if you date someone of a different nationality. With many people moving to another country for work or other reasons, it’s increasingly easy and common to meet and fall in love with foreigners. There are all kinds of cultural and linguistic differences that can complicate the relationship! So here are some tips for dating a foreigner.

1 Language Problems

The first of my tips for dating a foreigner is that you must be prepared for language problems. Unless you share the same native tongue, or one of you is fluent in the other’s language, it’s very easy for misunderstandings to arise! So you both need patience and tolerance of any mistakes.

2 Cultural Differences

Even if you both come from similar cultures, there may still be significant differences in the way you view things. If your cultures are very different, then the potential for problems is even greater. That’s not to say it can’t work, but you need to be aware of the pitfalls.

3 Patience

It’s hard enough to make any relationship work. Dating someone from another country can be even more challenging. Both partners need to have a lot of patience, not just with language problems but with all the other differences that will arise. If either of you can't accept the differences and problems, then it won’t work.

4 Children

Unfortunately, many women have experienced difficulties when having children with someone from a very different culture. If you want to start a family with your foreign partner, discuss all the relevant issues and be informed about legal ramifications. What language will your kids speak? Which religion will they be brought up in, if any? Can you return to your own country with your children, or could your partner take them away if you split up? All very important issues.

5 Where to Live

This can be difficult to decide on. Would you be happy moving to your partner’s country, or is that too far from your family and friends? Would the culture be too different for you to adapt to? What are the legal issues (see below)?

6 Legal Issues

When you are in a relationship with someone from a different country, you may have legal issues to deal with, regarding your or his working and residential status. Plus if you plan to have children, you should look into what their status would be and what rights each parent has.

7 Family Hostility

Unfortunately, families are not always happy that their child is dating a foreigner, and if either (or both) of your families take that attitude, it may cause difficulties. Even if you try to ignore it, their influence may create problems. It’s not right – you should be able to date whom you like – but be aware of the possibility.

8 Interesting

Finally, although there are a lot of potential problems when you date a foreigner, it can also be an amazing experience. You are exposed to a different culture, maybe learn a new language, and get to visit another country. So it can also be really interesting!

Being in a relationship with a foreigner does mean extra challenges in addition to the usual dating issues. You do need to keep your eyes open, and not be carried away by the excitement of dating someone “different” and exotic. What have your experiences of dating foreign guys been like?

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